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How to Create a Brilliant Brand (Tip #4)

How to Create a Brilliant Brand (Tip #4)

What does your style say about you?

What are you announcing to the world everyday by your personal style?

Is how you look congruent with your brand? If not…Change it!

It’s important that what you stand for, your brand be reflected in your wardrobe and the things you wear just as much as what you say. Let’s face it we all judge and sum people up in about 3 seconds or less.

Mom was right: First Impressions Do Matter

Once you make an impression it’s hard to go back and erase it from someone’s mind even if it’s wrong, they are going to keep thinking it. It’s as powerful as what comes out of your mouth.

So it’s like this, if you say you are an innovative and creative person and your brand is about standing out (like someone we know, wink wink) and you show up buttoned up with a boring dress and bad haircut we are thinking what’s wrong with this picture, right? Or how’s about you are an animal activist and uber green advocate (healthy eating coach) and pull up in your gas guzzling gigantic black Suburban, you enter the room in a real ostrich stilettos, wearing a mink jacket (dyed orange, of course) and order a steak. Well, you get the picture. Actions (looks) speak louder than words.

What happens for the viewer when you show up out of brand is a visual disconnect. I are all so ready to jump all over you too! But mostly it breaks down your street credibility, we stop trusting you. This can be pretty on the down-low sometimes and subtle. But we are all afraid to take a risk and trust so we are constantly judging and secretly looking for what’s out of alignment.

So if I didn’t hammer this home enough, PROTECT YOUR BRAND it’s what make you unique and why people follow you.

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