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How to Create a Brilliant Brand (Tip #3)

How to Create a Brilliant Brand (Tip #3)

A Brand is an experience. It’s the experience that people have when they meet you, use your service, read your content and discover you online and off. A Brilliant Brand it is authentically YOU and expresses your values and point of view. Simply put it’s the essence of you and the problem you solve.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners don’t take enough time to dig deeply into their psyche and the psyche of their business so their brand falls short of it’s true power to influence and persuade. All Brilliant Brands leave a footprint on people’s hearts and minds, does yours?

Here’s three things you can do to get you started, right now.

1. Define It: Write as many words that come to your mind that describe you when you are at your best, in the zone. Just let them flow off the top of your head without censoring yourself. Now that you have a list, pick out the ones that really sing for you. Select 3 or 4 that you simply couldn’t live without. Then make a list of who you are or want to be for your clients when you are at your best and in the zone. Repeat the process just like the first list of words. These are your power words and are the beginning of your foundation for your brand.

2. Be It: You have got your defining words, now you have to express them in your actions and the way that you are being (really practice living them). I am saying practice because it’s what you are like on a stellar day, in the zone. Most of us need a bar to aspire to and live in our excellence, make these yours.

3. Look It: Now that you have got your Power Words and have a Practice to Be Them it’s time to dress them up. You have to look the part. Think about it Steve Jobs (the rebel, misfit, Think Different) had an outfit to match his Brand. Like the artist, jeans + t-shirt and tennis shoes super peered down. You would never see him in the Brooks Brothers Suit because it’s not his brand.


Same with Oprah (your best girlfriend and cheerleader). She wears an open shirt, because she’s open. Or a comfy sweater, because she’s warm and safe. She even get’s excited about a gift of Jimmy Choo shoes even though she could simply buy the entire store without a blink, she’s so rich. But she exudes excitement, gratitude and deep caring, because that’s her brand.

I am not saying it’s inauthentic because it’s a brand. I am saying it’s so Powerful and Authentic because it is a Brilliant Brand, and you can do the same thing with your brand and your business to Stand Out, Be Noticed and Memorable.

You to can Brand Brilliantly, Market like Madonna & Profit like a Rock Star!

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