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How to Become an Influential Member of your Industry or Niche

How to Become an Influential Member of your Industry or Niche

(Never compromise your values in return for influence)

We have all heard of the term Thought Leader and some of us still aspire to become one (wink, wink) but the term has lost it’s edge and value by being over used. However becoming an Influencer aka Kick Ass Powerhouse in your industry or niche, has not.

Becoming an INFLUENCER is one of the most important things you can do to sky rocket your career.

Here are a few awesome tips from one of the biggest Influencers out there today in the personal empowerment world (and I don’t mean OPRAH).

Well, if it’s not Oprah, who is it?

LADY GAGA is one of the most influential women in the world. Number 8 on the Forbes List of most Powerful Women, 2010 (At that time she was 25 years old).

So let’s look at some of the things she has done to position herself as one of the top influencers in the world along with Oprah, Michelle Obama, Angela Merkel, Indra Nooyi, Beyonce and Ellen DeGeneres to name a few.

And keep in mind these are things that you can do and apply to your business too.

#1 Give, Give, and Give some more
Gaga didn’t become the success she is based solely on her amazing talent, she did it by engendering immense loyalty through her engagement with her fans.

Audacious Tip: You have to develop your capacity to receive. You can only Give as much as You Receive.

Gaga is doing things that casual observers and many business professionals most likely don’t fully comprehend. While creating massive buzz and notoriety with her outrageous outfits and wild-edgy performance art she is methodically building a base of passionate fans for the long term.

Gaga is Rebel leading a Revolution: She is influencing an entire generation to stand out, be themselves and stand up for each other.

#2 Speak Out, Get Noticed…Lead with your Values
So many entrepreneurs want to be influential but they don’t want to be noticed. You have got to speak out and create dialogue. Let people know who you really are and what you are passionate about and what you stand for.

Gaga’s Manifesto and what she stands for is palpable in her hit song “Born This Way”

These are the things that cause people to follow you and want to be a part of what you are doing. Some know them as core values, principles, purpose, or your big why. And when you can write it down succinctly it becomes your hit song, your manifesto.

Customers and Clients can be interested in what you do … but they can only bond emotionally over what you believe in. They form an emotional attachment base on their perception of those SHARED VALUES.

Nothing says that more Out Loud than your Brilliant Brand. And is reflected in your personal brand story, signature talk, webinars, one-of-a-kind products and unique services.

#3 Get Speaking Gigs
Sure Gaga’s a singer and has got stages and tours as platforms. And for you, it’s speaking. When you elevate yourself to the stage you create instant credibility and rapport that positions you as an influencer.

Not everything can be handled on the Internet. You have got to get out from behind your computer and be with people in 3-D, skin to skin, eyeball to eyeball. That is the most direct way to Influence.

Audacious Tip: Create a compelling Rebel Signature Talk that is desire driven. A talk that will not teach but inform your audience, provide value and compel them to want to work with you.

#4 Have a Unique Point of View
Gaga calls her tribe of loyal fans “Little Monsters” and has established a Born This Way Foundation to stop bullying. She has a unique ability to make people feel it’s ok to be different.

“If you’re not pissing somebody off, you’re not doing your job”

She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even if some people vehemently disagree.

You can apply this to your business by having your own unique point of view. It’s not about serving everyone…it’s about serving the ones that have desperately been waiting to hear from YOU.

Audacious Tip: You haven’t arrived until you get hate mail. Yes, there are going to be people who will say bad things about you especially when you are out there on the edge. It’s easy for them to be negative and tear you down. That’s just what happens when you go against the status quo.

We are all looking for meaningful experiences and interactions…that is what we all long for and are seeking out.

The bottom line is people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. So to become influential you must have a strong presence and create VALUE.

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