How to Alleviate Your Business Gridlock (it’s not what you think)


Crawling like an ant slowly through bumper to bumper traffic all the way into downtown LA.

Oh my Gawd “I am going to be late, for this very important date!”

The question kept flashing through my brain, “How can I use my Superpowers to stop time?

So there I was crammed between a huge black SUV and a ginormous Vons refrigerator truck and repeating this ninja mind trick out loud:

“I am giving up that I am going to be late…I am giving up that I will look stupid… I am giving up that I never leave enough time to get there early…over and over and over.

Miraculously arriving right on time, the Penthouse elevator door opens and I stride into a completely empty room.

Surprising my hostess I am greeted with “What are you doing here? Our meeting is next Thursday.”

I have just driven what seemed to be 100 miles and run the treacherous gauntlet of LA freeways (the 405 to the 605, to the 5, to the 110, to the Harbor Hwy) and it’s the wrong day? Sh***it.

Standing face to face with a highly respected businesswoman, who is in high demand, I manage to say “I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I would just stop by.”

Crickets….And them simultaneously we both completely cracked up!

She offered me a coffee… graciously giving me a minute of her valuable time.

“Well you’re here. Let’s do a Facebook Live so I can share you with my tribe.”

Capitalizing on my brilliant mistake

In that moment, Candice Bar (Vision Aires Network / gave me a huge gift. ann_and_candice

She took my lemon and turned it into lemonade.

Before we hugged and said goodbye I received 2 texts requesting my branding and website services.

What brilliant mistake have you turned into a raving success?


Breathe Deeply, Laugh Loudly & Be Audacious






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