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How can you create Monster Loyalty like Lady Gaga for your Business?

It’s great to have services and products that are valuable to your clients but what if there is even something more?

Renegade Branding Tip: Define Yourself, Make a Statement

What if there is something that distinguishes you and makes you not only the solution but quite possibly the ONLY place to be.

How you ask?

Renegade Branding…START A REVOLUTION! ~ Tweetable

When you can do this it’s a game changer. Be clear about your underlying message and let it bubble up and express your truth and who you really are. A word of caution: This could cause to you be very uncomfortable. So if that’s what you want to be committed to, staying in your comfort zone, then stop reading now.

And for my Rebels, Renegades and Revolutionaries read on… and take action.

This is what I learned from Jackie Huba’s amazing book “Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers Into Fanatics”.  Here’s what Gaga has done that you could apply to your business to build Monster Loyalty and Profit like a Rock Star. Gaga’s Manifesto is Born This Way and her statement is Love Yourself, Accept Your Weirdness. That’s something so much bigger than her, Stephanie’s personality or Gaga as a performer/rock star. It’s a universal calling. Be bigger than you know yourself to be, that is the secret.

Your Brand should Polarize and Bring People Together ~ Tweetable

Gaga has created an army of outsiders who have made her a Global Phenomenon. And one of the most influential women in the world according to Forbes Magazine’s top 100 most Powerful Women 2010. You may be smirking or laughing out loud right now, but she is among the likes of Michelle Obama, Oprah and Hillary Clinton. Gaga is #7 on the Forbes’s list to Michelle #1, Oprah #3 and Hillary #5 and she’s worth $220,000,000.00. Hell Yeah, check out the numbers. It has more impact to see it written out than simply saying million, doesn’t it?

So what has Lady Gaga done in her business that you can apply to yours even if you can’t sing or act or dance? Here are the top 5 Keys to building Monster Loyalty and Influence in your business or profession…

#1. Connect with like Minded People: Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Take a stand, have an opinion, develop a point of view. You will not be liked by all but you will be fiercely loved by many. And above all stop trying to convince people to work with you or be with you.

Lead with your LOVE and YOUR COMMITMENT.  ~Tweetable

#2. Be Authentic: Be present and engaging. BE OPEN, RAW & REAL. Show your humanity. No one likes PERFECTION. Mostly, we mere mortals can’t relate to you Gods. Seriously it’s your faults that you are willing to expose that actually create bonds of relatedness. And we desperately all want to be connected and not feel we are out here alone.

The Heart wants to be Known & The Soul wants to be Connected ~Tweetable

#3. Create a Collective Experience: Create something that your clients or fans can experience together. This can be as simple as a gathering (online or off-line).

I have started A REBEL Evening with Ann. Highly personal, open and raw gathering of women entrepreneurs to support, create and love on each other. It’s The Royal Rebel Fan Club.

Rebel Tip: Create an experience so your people have a place to go to belong.

The Lady Gaga Experience…“What I do is this, in essence, create an atmosphere for my fans where they don’t leave loving me, they leave loving themselves, “Gaga told MTV.

#4. Celebrate Milestones: When you can celebrate important milestones and achievements with your clients and fan base you reinforce the feeling of community. Gaga shares her achievements but presents them like milestones that the community has achieved together.

Rebel Tip: It’s always spoken in “WE” did this!

Revolutionary Clue: Express Gratitude…I could have never done this without you.

#5. Encourage Collaboration: The most powerful way to cement bonds is to get the members your clients and fan base to work together on projects. In the end everyone can celebrate when they have accomplished the goal. Create a project for your tribe to express and connect creating meaningful experiences with one another and forwarding their life and business.

Rebel Tip: You can do this simply by running a Facebook Contest and reward the participants for playing the game.

Revolutionary Clue: That doesn’t mean pay them either. We are talking about Loyal Fans what do they want? What is valuable to them?

Above all BE REAL ~Tweetable

If you would like to explore these distinctions further go to my website (it’s brand spankin’ new) Ann Bennett Marketing and leave a comment and spread the Rebel Message!

Rebel Tip: Ask yourself “Do I want to be known for my personality or my love and commitment?

Revolutionary Clue: There are no wrong answers or right and wrong, only what is true for you.


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