These are a few of my Favorite Things…..Well more like People, Places and Things. All of them loved by me, why? Because you know I am a results junky and devoted to personal growth and development. So when I find something amazing I have to share it!!!

Let’s start with some Transformational Reading:

1. Ask and It Is Given—Esther and Jerry Hicks
2. You Can Heal Your Life—Louise Hay
3. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success—Deepak Chopra
4. The One Command—Asara Lovejoy
5. Here Comes Trouble—Michael Moore (sometimes you just gotta read something for fun!)

Innovational Reading:

1. Purple Cow—Seth Godin
2. Busting Loose of The Money Game—Robert Scheinfeld
3. The Money Keys—Karen Russo

Video (to Model for your business and life after)

1. The Yes Man—Jim Cary
2. The Matrix

Other resources:

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