Damn Good Advice: Give a Damn in Vegas

People ask me all the time, “Why do you go to so many events; don’t you already know that?”

It isn’t so much about the information. As a successful entrepreneur, I know the power of a beginner’s mind. For me, it means looking at the same thing with a fresh new perspective–doing it over and over until mastery. Each time, I go deeper and deeper perfecting and correcting along the way.

“Mastery never really happens, you just keep expanding and growing your capacity for more.”

And, the best thing about going to events, is connecting with great people, making new friendships and growing my relationships. Sometimes I gather new clients. But, better than that, is a sense of belonging to a tribe and creating mutually beneficial ventures together. We support each other to go even bigger than we know ourselves to be, together.

I am grateful for all the new friends, associates and business partners that are the results of going to Suzanne Evans, Be The Change 2014!!! Hell Yeah!

Breathe Deeply, Laugh Loudly & Be Audacious,

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  • Hey Ann – I so agree. I attend tons of events and sometimes the same one multiple times and the reason for me is of course understanding that a successful business is not built alone but also because every time I attend I am in a different place in my business so I see the information with totally new eyes. Love your video 🙂

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