Getting Fiercely Focused — It’s a New Freakin’ Year

Getting Fiercely Focused

Getting Fiercely Focused —It’s a New Freakin’ Year

Where is the Focus (WTF) and do you have urgency?
Most entrepreneurs are creative and full of great ideas however staying focused on building a successful business on mastering marketing and sales can feel like chasing your tail. Many of my clients say “There is just so much and it’s all so overwhelming, what do I do first?” Or I’ve spent all this time and money developing content but I am still not making the money I want to make? Sound familiar?

You might get annoyed, but the first thing to do is slow down and stop multitasking. Yes, I said it, stop multitasking. It might seem like you are doing a lot of things well however most of us can’t sustain that kind of “grinding it out”, for very long, until we pass out or your health goes South. And if you are not getting the REAL Results you want ie clients and money then it becomes “What the Hell I am I doing this for, anyway, where’s the joy and free freedom in all this?

Are You A Disco Ball or a Laser Beam?

I know the feeling; I’ve been there too. It wasn’t until I got my priorities straight and Fiercely Focused did my business start to take off. One thing I want you to consider here is if you are starting out (I think starting out is anyone under 6-figures) you are a rock ship to the moon. You are in launch mode. It takes a lot of fuel power to get a rocket ship off the ground and out of the earth’s gravitational pull. So your #1 priority is your self-care, vitality and happiness. Then serving your clients to the best of your skills and abilities. Doing the best you can with what you have not beating yourself up which we all seem to have mastered if your systems fail or don’t work as well as you would like them to.

Get over yourself.. Simply Correct and Continue

Here are the 3 things you must master for your Business Success:

1. Leadership: Before you are making 100K you are leading yourself. Once off the ground you lead your clients and your team.

Tip: Make a Decision and Make it Right.

2. Marketing & Sales: They are the twins to success, can’t have one without the other. And when you add in Branding you have a Triple Threat or Trinity (depending if you’re prone to be a bad girl or a good girl).

Tip: Choose just 3 ways to market (amongst the gazillion ways that are available more being added every day). Choose based on your personality type and know even if you are naturally good at it you are going to be scared until you do it over and over repeatedly. The only way to lose the fear of spiders is to walk into 100 spider webs and not die.

3. Financial Acumen: You must be able to read and understand you financial statements, track your income and expenses and fiercely focus on your numbers. This can also appear as fear. Review the spider web tip above.

Tip: Don’t do this alone. Get a bookkeeper or Quickbooks (system) to help you. Recognize there are some things you need support in. From my point of view the best free program out there is Debtors Anonymous aka. The Money Program. It’s all about managing your money with clarity with loving support.

And for all you Lone Rangers that don’t ask for help or get into mastermind groups or get a coach or get a mentor, STOP IT! Most of the time you are probably thinking “what if I make the wrong choice and waste my money? Reread my intro about the 80/20 Rule and Failure.

Go back to #1 Tip and practice it over and over until it’s in your bones.

Peace Out—xo A

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