Get Off the Grid–Get Paid Even if You Think You Can’t

Get Off the Grid–Get Paid Even if You Think You Can’t
Think for YOURSELF. Most of us don’t do that. We look to other people, more successful to tell us what to do, how to market and what the steps are to make money. What Happens when you are NOT THEM? As and entrepreneur you need to develop “Nimble Forward Thinking”
Where Are You Saying “NO” to Money? So you think you can’t get a merchant account because your credit sucks, or you lost your job, you don’t own your house (anymore) etc. But is that really the truth?
Can’t Get a Merchant AccountFive Leading Edge Ways to Get Off the Grid
The Alternative. We have all known about PayPal for sometime now but did you know you can avoid fees by requesting your client pay by eCheck or pay you by clicking Personal, Other or Gift. There is also My friend said she loaded her eBook and was ready to take payments in under a minute.
Mobile. My favorite is the Square, it just plugs right into my, takes American Express, (sweet).,,
Bring a Friend Option. What if you could take payments online for your events and workshops. You Can with, and Cool!!!
Beta Testing. When you are announcing a new product or program and you want to test it you can sell it ahead of time and with these escrow like sites you can say if you sell 100 people into them or more “It’s a GO”. Otherwise they send the money back and you don’t get charged any fees! (sweetest of all)
Buying Behaviors. When you are working in a Global Marketplace lots of times you may find that clients are paying you for large ticket items (10K and up) Currently online people are buying Lower Ticket Items $97. $197. $297. or Higher Ticket Items $5,000. – $10,000. Stay away from the mid-range pricing.
Note: Merchant Accounts are negotiable so shop around and politely compare pricing fees and have your Merchant beat their competitor’s pricing. You can compare shop at

“He who things he can, can and he can’t who thinks he can’t. This is an inexorable, indisputable law”-Henry Ford

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