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Freakin Fantastic Follow Up

Freakin' Fantastic Follow Up

Business is all about who you know, you know? So, as entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time at events, schmoozing. I love it! It’s so much fun to meet and connect with other people. But once you meet, then what?

You gotta follow up!

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  • Gwen says:

    Thank you, Ann! Not only did I enjoy this video, I really appreciated that you returned my call and helped me get past my follow up funk, fear, resistance. I followed up on all the cards I had from the eWomen event and set 2 get to know you better calls. Yippee! Keep up the great work of inspiring us all in marketing our message. Gwen Lepard

  • lisa says:

    Great tips Ann on creating a on-the-spot action step. The other night i took a new spinn class and the teacher was so cool she gave me her cell number right on the spot along with her schedule and the schedule of her dance teacher all becuase i told her i was healing a knee injury. No sales, just connection but now i so want to promote her and her amazinh energy. Your strategy works!!! Shopping for clothes with me?…dont quit your day job…lol..i love ya!!!

  • DeAnna says:

    You look great. Thank you for the solid information. I just adore our style..

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