Focus on what you want!

Focus on what you want!


Focus on what you want. The signs that are everywhere. 

This past week I was talking to my BFF and saying “when will it ever end?” When will I make more money? When will I get more clients? When will I fall in love with someone available? When will I finally be happy? When, when, when will this end and the good stuff start?

Then I remembered what you focus on grows (Oh Hello). I started looking at all the fabulous stuff I have in my life. I started to focus on what is working for me. I live at the beach with beautiful water and it’s clean! I have a cute car and a sweet place to call home, loving friends and family that want the best for me. And above all I am loved and I love deeply too.

Wow. I thought it’s all “for me”.


Get Fiercely Focused on what you want. Make a decision to stop the BS that pulls your attention off tract. See and experience that magic of Your Power and Your Purpose.

Where have you been focusing on things you don’t want? and sabotaging your success?

What can you appreciate and acknowledge about your life that’s great! Focus There. And change one thing at a time.

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