Etiquette and Networking

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Etiquette and Networking

I am so grateful to be surrounded by masters and powerful Wealthy Women Leaders, like Pat Mussieux. You all know that I am very Zen about myself, and my business and always hold myself in a “Beginners Mind”. I am open to coaching and learning all the time (unless I go down the rabbit hole, ugh).

Whenever I run into a master like Pat at events I say “Hello” and she sez “How’s it goin?” so I say Pat you are so good at speaking, sales marketing (whatever)… Can you give me a quick tip about how to be more successful at that? Respectfully, if she doesn’t have a minute or looks preoccupied (on a mission) I don’t say anything but wave. If it’s her event I just say, Great event! Thanks for having it.

So I thought it soooo appropriate to share with all of you who are out networking at events and building relationships… some of the proper etiquette for networking at events. Although I am a rule breaker one of my core values is to be respectful and honor other people at all times.  Read more about this on my article: Do you have manners like Emily Post?

This is an opportunity to see where you might tweak your behavior to honor your core values and be more on point.

Leave me your thoughts about Networking and Etiquette.  How do you show up at events?

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