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No Effin Way! Relax, stop pushing and slow down?

No Effin Way! Relax, stop pushing and slow down?

Being an entrepreneur, I want to do the things I “do best and leave the rest.”  Oh, that was supposed to be “delegate” the rest.

 “The Truth, many times, shows up as a happy  (or unhappy) accident.”

However, building a business requires strategic thinking, planning, right and aligned actions. Impeccable self-care is important too, so that my mind, body and spirit can come together and focus on one intention. (Not to focus on the outcome necessarily, but the bigger goal.) How to do that? Stay in the zone of what I call Inspired Marketing.

So many times I have found myself again and again asking, “What is the next right step? How do I know what I should do now? What is best for me and what is best for my business?”

Without allowing myself the quiet time to talk and listen with Source, (Higher Power, The Field, God– whatever you call your inner guidance), I find myself busy, spinning and pushing. Instead of being in “Relaxed Determination”, I find myself mostly frustrated.

“You may find yourself with (a not so) beautiful house. You may find yourself with a (not so) beautiful wife (spouse) and say, “How did I get here?”? via David Byrne, Talking Heads

 You must practice Deepening Your Faith on a daily basis

It’s usually the last thing that I want to do, the thing that I hate, that makes the biggest difference in my business and in my life. For me, currently, that is slowing down and honoring energy. Practicing being quiet, instead of learning more and doing more. Saying “No” first, instead of my auto-pilot, “Yes”.

 Translation according to Ann: Work less and Play more.

The first leg of my San Francisco trip started with Amtrak in Orange County going to Union Station, downtown LA. As I boarded, I sat behind an elderly man. We were both traveling alone. I leaned over the seat and said, “Get out much?” He was friendly and before long we were chatting away like old friends. We talked about travel and how it had changed; everyone rushes and get there asap.

Then I sheepishly asked, “What year were you born?” He playfully bantered “Guess.” Vic, as it turned out, is 97 years old and was married for 70 years to his wife who had recently passed 2 years ago. As a child, he rode in a horse and buggy and later, as a teenager, in a fancy Studebaker.

Without holding back my amazement and enthusiasm about his age “OMG you were born in 1917!!!!!” His gracious smile showed how handsome he was inside and out.

Seizing the moment, I asked, “What are your 5 most cherished principles for successful living?” And here’s what he said…

1.  Trust. (Trust that God has got your back, so no need to worry)

2.  Expect the Best (anticipate greatness)

3.  Love (with power and sound mind)

4.  Faith (Just Believe, it’s all for your good, even when it doesn’t seem right)

5.  Talk to God everyday (take charge, relax and watch it come)

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