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“Don’t Go for Second Best Baby”—Express Yourself

“Don’t Go for Second Best Baby”—Express Yourself

How many of you would like to be more successful in your career and business?

How many of you would like to be as recognized in your industry as Madonna is in hers? (raise your hands)

You know, it’s—it’s smart to fit in, but it’s brilliant to stand out! Can I get a “Hell Yeah” about that? We all want to be rock stars in our own fields. You know, we love that rock star thing, but we do not want to be stalked by crazy people. No, no.

Let me Define what Irresistible Marketing is… its about attracting your fans, your ravings fans and really pushing away the craziness. That’s what it’s about. It separates you from everybody. It makes you the go to expert, the one that people seek out. Your people come to you and everybody else leaves you alone because they think you’re nuts, which is awesome, right?

WHY Madonna? She has mastered Movement Message and Marketing. That is exactly why she has been at the top of her career for the last 30 years. She is a 5 Billion-Dollar Brand. 2012 She’s did a World Tour. She’s 54 years old and she’s out there kicking Ass. It’s incredible. She’s also a brilliant businesswoman and she has an incredible team that she’s built around her to support her genius really and what she does. Her success is not accidental…it’s planned.

Successful businesswomen are unstoppable; extremely tenacious they have a strategic plan. When I work with my clients what I do is and help them to achieve a Visual Synthesis of who they are, what they do and how they talk about it. A cohesive personal brand.

It’s Smart to fit-in…But it’s Brilliant to Stand Out!

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