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Don’t Get Tripped Up (Effed Up) by These 5 Branding Myths

Don’t Get Tripped Up (Effed Up) by These 5 Branding Myths

You know you and your brand has to Stand Out, Be Memorable and have a High Perceived Value. Your brand needs to do two things really well, create value by being relevant and inspire people to action. What you don’t want it to do is struggle to be noticed, blend in with everything else, and be forgotten or worse Be Boring.

Personal Branding is not a pretty picture, a logo, tagline or website. It’s what you stand for, your point of view and your unique voice that is the “Madonna Factor” that commands attention.

So don’t get effed up by these Branding Myths….

Myth #1: Branding is just for big companies and costs a mega fortune.

Truth: In today’s market you have to amplify your value to be seen among all the noise and distractions, especially online. Most entrepreneurs (especially TP entrepreneurs) need to hold on to their resources (ie money and time) they are not running on a big IBM budget. (read more) Consider what you actually need first and get that done. One step at a time. The most important thing is to know your value and who your peeps are and how to engage them.

Audacious Resource: Affordable logos and graphics done for you: 99designs.com, or Fiverr.com. Do it yourself graphics and typefaces CreativeMarket.com or visit my rants page for tons of valuable resources.

Myth #2: I need a celebrity endorsement.

Truth: People are dying for REAL. Real people, real users who inspire prospective clients and are people they can relate to. But if you get a Celeb. Endorsement make sure to dig deep, do diligence and practically run an FBI background check because they are representing YOU and your company.

Here’s a quick story about that: Back in 2013 Beyoncé was totally trashed for taking on a 50 million endorsement deal with Pepsi after already agreeing to be a part of first lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move fitness campaign. Was there something about sugar drinks and fitness that Beyoncé & Pepsi didn’t get?

Myth #3: Branding can wait.

Truth: Branding is the cornerstone of you business and if you do it right by creating a Brilliant Brand it does the heavy lifting for you: It can make decisions for you, make sales simple and easy, weed out looky-loos, repel duds and best of all magnetize your ideal clients to you like bees to honey.

Myth #4: Build it and they will come (the product is so awesome it will sell itself)

Truth: People do talk about stellar products or an over the top services and that can lead to social media praise and maybe even get some fans and clients. However you want your brand to magnify and amp–up your product or service’s unique qualities, to tell emotionally driven stories that grab and inspire your ideal clients and make them hungry for it and wanting more.

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