Don't ever quit

Will and Grace Ushered in Laughing and Loving Ourselves

Do you sometimes just want to Quit? It was magically unimaginable that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Gay Marriage. So many times I have marched and protested for Gay rights. We used to chant “Out of the Closets & Into the Streets”. When I was younger I thought about Killing myself because I am Gay. As a freedom fighter, I thought someone might Kill me because I am Gay. And after a breakthrough empowerment course in NYC in the 80’s I got married (to a woman) on the beach in Fire Island. So this 4th of July is about FREEDOM and Never Giving Up.

This Dream of Freedom is why most of us go into business, in the first place. The freedom to do what we want, when we want and live the way we want. It takes commitment and be willing to have your heart broken to create the life you desire, the business you want and the difference you want to make. So never Quit.

What are you dreaming about having in your life? Anything is possible…Look for the evidence.

Get the support. You don’t have to do it alone.

Happy Freedom Day!

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