Does Your Visual Marketing Reflect Your Brand?

Does Your Visual Marketing Reflect Your Brand?

Visual Marketing is increasingly impacting us and yours must reflect and align with your brand. We are beginning to live in an increasingly photographic and digital landscape, one which is not only Instagram and Pinterest rich – if you’re a Millennial, or have a product based business. But now Facebook and Twitter are pushing photos and videos too. Your Brand not only needs to engage in meaningful content but must also align with well-chosen imagery.

The days of trailer trash design are over, you must have Pizzazz

So what the heck does that mean for your brand and marketing? You can no longer ignore good taste and style i.e. have crappy infographics that look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. A few cat photos and random funny videos or photos – Laugh in Style or Stupid Dog Tricks – aren’t going to do it anymore. We are over saturated, aren’t we? The pictures and the images you use in your Visual Marketing must be congruent with your Brand.

So how can you assure you are not just compelling, but stay on brand?

#1. Authentic Voice – Take some time to understand your VOICE and why people come to you and want to work with you. If you want to get insight into this you can download my free worksheet on Finding Your Authentic Voice that will get you started.


#2 Work with a Limited Color Palette – I suggest you choose 3 colors that relate to your website colors and logo colors. Think differently here. Some people only use Black and White photos or Vintage photos. I use a lot of weird, funny and interesting shots. You can decide …but decide on a specific visual vocabulary that will be immediately associated with YOU.

#3 Always Speak to Problems and Solutions – Your brand should always focus on delivering a solution to your client’s problems so your visual marketing needs to do that too. Even if you are being silly, irreverent or flirty, like I can be, I always circle back to your Unique Authentic Self is the best formula for success there is  This reinforces my brand “It’s Smart to Fit In…But It’s Brilliant to Stand Out. Normal gets you nowhere and we all have to Stand Out to get noticed and get known to build our businesses in this ADD economy.

#4 Don’t Forget a Call to Action – Facebook won’t let you use much text so be careful. When possible tie your images back to your main branding easily by using a hashtag or your website address.

Most of us are 99.99% visual and that is how we learn and remember. So be mindful that the images you are using are saying the right thing about YOU. And that they are consistent with your overall brand messaging.

Audacious Tip: Think ROCK STAR. They are experts at the art of brand manipulation and exploitation.

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