Do You Stand Out with Your Branding & Marketing?

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Do You Stand Out with Your Branding & Marketing

Let’s visualize for a moment. Close your eyes and think about your business. Think about how much you know and want to support and help others. See yourself making a big difference in the world and loving it. And enjoying your life with family, friends, kids, time to be together and feeling secure in your income. All the good stuff. The things you desire… the stuff that makes you feel good.

Then, bring to mind your brand and messaging. OOOH, AAAAH, FABULOUS. Doesn’t that give you goose bumps and big sexy confident smile? “Yes, I am so cool, so fascinating and so hot!” (And, of course you also deliver a transformational service.)

What? “Hell No!”

Is it more like terrified? Tight stomach and headache? Confusion, brain fog, and the, “OK, I know I have to do this, but….” And the flood of excuses, “I am sooooo busy. I need clients first. I need the time, money, expertise, know how, information, gotta learn more first. I have so many great ideas, it’s distracting.”

Or this one, (I just heard this one again from a new client), “I have already spent a ton of money and am embarrassed I don’t have anything to show for it. NO website. NO clear message. NO clients. NO big fat bank account. NO Happiness.

OK, this has gotta stop!

I know, I have been through that myself (OMG). Brought every program known to man (sometimes, still do just to see if I missed something). Attended every event to learn more, more and even more from the experts about everything business and mindset. Also took copious notes and tucked it all away to use (never). All for the sake of I am not enough. Now I have a library of programs and notebook, better Known as Self- Help. Know what I am talkin’ about?

“You don’t need any more information. You NEED implementation.”

Action: I know, that makes my palms sweat, too. I immediately go to entrepreneurial overwhelm (Breathe, Look around and be present). If you don’t have a visceral reaction, then you are playing too small. It’s time to Stand Out and play a bigger game. It’s time. You Know it & I know it.

Here’s the winning formula for Success (because we all like formulas):

  1. Messaging = Clarity: How you talk about what you do and Connect and Engage with your people so they want to work with you.
  2. Branding = Confidence: Engage and Inspire your people to follow you. Stand Out, Get Noticed & Get Known. Be Distinctive—not vanilla, or cookie cutter.
  3. Marketing = Clients & Cash: Systems and Strategies that get your Brand Message out there consistently building “The Know Like and Trust Factor” so your people, find you, connect with you and work with you (consistent implementation).

The Truth is, we all buy from EMOTION. (Then we rationalize the purchase.) Heart then Head. The fact is, people don’t choose to work with you for logical reasons. They want to work with you because they believe in your message and how you make them FEEL with your brand.

That is why if you have an AUDACIOUS BRAND, created around your AUDACIOUS MESSAGE, you will INSPIRE your audience. They will be magnetized to you. (Sometimes they don’t even know why, but they feel it.)

The competition disappears because no one is YOU. Your brand is your “It Factor”. Your unique genius creates emotions, experiences and associations of “Gotta have it. Now!”

Consistency Matters. You can’t control where or how someone is going to find you, (online, offline, referrals), but you can control your brand message. It’s important that everything you put out there, expresses your values and what you stand for (personal and business). Branding is all about your consistent message, Look, Feel and Tone. (It’s how people experience you.) Through consistency, you are training your audience about who you are, what you do and why they should care. With consistency, you create loyalty and a deep emotional connection and that is the power of Audacious Branding.

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