Creative Invincibility… “I am Back”

Creative Invincibility… “I am Back”

I recently was in my very first acting class called “Creative Invincibility” taught by the amazing master teacher, Josh Pais.

 Josh so beautifully lead us (actors and entrepreneurs) through his 4 step technique for being truly present. Every single participant was extraordinary just by tapping into their body’s sensation and communicating from their “Truth”.

“My DNA has rearranged and I will never be the same”

 He kept reminding us there is no sensation better than any other. You can create extraordinary stuff from feeling angry, sad, happy or glad (one is not better than the other). WOW.

 Josh’s 4 step technique to being present:

1. Breathe

2. See what is in front of you

3. Feel the sensations in your body

4. Say out loud “I am back!”

Check this guy out he is nothing short of phenomenal:


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