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How to Create a Client Getting Business Card

How to Create a Client Getting Business Card

A business card by any other name, is still a business card… right?


 Just like everything else you do to brand your business and stand out, it’s important that your card gives people a FEELING about who you are, and what you do. It’s a way to stay connected and be remembered. Hopefully they want to get to know you better and ultimately, work with you. So how do you do that?

A Picture is Worth a Million Dollars

Start with a unique photograph of yourself. Choose one that is not the usual thing, that everybody does. (Eg. cookie cutter realtor or financial advisor cards.) Have a photo taken of you that reflects your spirit, essence or sense of humor. The great thing about a unique photo is people will remember You. It’s what I call the “sticky factor.” Think Different.

Keep it Simple. Too Much, is a Turnoff.

Create a Killer Tagline or what I call a Head Whippin’ Hook. It should be fascinating and make someone curious about the results they will get by working with you. You can do this with questions or hooky lines that build on the readers’ existing desire to get that from you, now.

The third thing that people forget to do is to make an offer or give something for free to engage people to call you or download a gift from your website. (This is the secret sauce that really makes your card client-getting.)

Oh, and of course, by now this is obvious… use both sides of your card. But don’t overload it with a list of all the services you provide. (Keep that on your website.) Too much, is a turn off. Remember, “a confused mind doesn’t buy.”


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