Well, I am finally getting my car back after a 3-day layover in Santa Barbara. I was up here for my art opening in Ojai and teaching my Irresistible Marketing Class # 2 —Attracting all the Clients You Want! Looking back on it, all I can say is there is something Great in my future ‘cuz that was a BIG BREAKDOWN. And from experience I know that there is always a big breakdown before a gigantic breakthrough. My business is moving forward step-by-step and I want a quantum leap! (breathe) Yes, just do the footwork and Breathe. Thus the car breaking down to slow me down…. Have FAITH in the universal Laws of Money Mastery #1 Spiritual (Scarcity is future living). Right here and right now I am fine. In order to counter my car breaking down, I have been practicing the “Law of Unity”-staying connected to “Source” knowing all is Well. And Being (Yes BEING, you heard it from this type A DOING Machine) Being in Gratitude for Teaching my class, my new clients, my friends and family that support the Big Me. What can you create out of an unwanted situation? What are the opportunities that are coming out of it? Tip: remember where there is a room full of shit, there must be a pony! WooHoo!!!

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