Personal Branding Crash Course:

What You Need to Know to Stand Out by Being Your Audacious Self

Want to know why personal branding is the quickest way to get people to work with you? In our information-overloaded world and packed-like-sardines marketplace, what’s the secret sauce to getting and keeping your customer’s attention? Watch below for the answer:

This might make you mad, so if you’re a good girl, stop reading now. Gone are the days where you can hide behind your credentials, your track record, your company, or even your own freakin’ name when it comes to your business. Why? Because we have the attention span of a goldfish. People want to be inspired, fascinated, and surprised. If you don’t get their attention in the first seven seconds, you can kiss them goodbye. You must have a unique message – that’s your ticket to stardom. And lucky for you, I’ve perfected a way to make this simple, fast and easy.

What is “personal branding”?

In a nutshell, personal branding is creating a perception/representation of your true essence. So people are either fall in love with you or are repelled by what they see. It’s splashing your badass colors all over the place for everyone to see and experience. It’s all about influence.

Lemme break it down for you:

1. Branding Distinction

You know how you can always tell if Tim Burton directed a movie about 30 seconds into it? He sprinkles in that summin-summin that just oozes Burton. That’s branding distinction. If you want to stand out, personal branding just isn’t an option. Truly distinct personal branding will make you stick out like a punk rocker who accidentally walked into a Celine Dion concert…in a good way. It’s about zeroing in on your personal story and sharing your quirks, isms, and fierce uniqueness. Figure out the radical essence of your brand, the thing that makes you you and no one else, and then bring it to life. That’s what makes you fascinating. You know why Madonna has been killing it in the music biz for the last 30 years? Branding distinction, baby.

2. Branding Alignment

I gotta tell ya, it really gets my panties twisted when someone says one thing and does another. It makes everything about that person seem totally fake, like you can’t tell what’s real and what’s not anymore. People buy from the heart before their head, so they need to feel like you’re being real with them. When it comes to your personal brand, you need to make sure everything you do, everything you say, and how you show up authentically reflect that brand. If not, nobody’s gonna buy it (or you.) Don’t be afraid to shake things up and play by your own rules here. If you’re not gonna be badass and beautiful, unapologetically you, you might as well hand in your application to be President of the Undiscovered Talent club.

3. Branding Fascination

This one’s all about the Lady Gaga factor. Love her or hate her, you gotta admit, the girl knows how to get people to talk! Branding fascination is all about becoming memorable and standing out above the noise. Your personal brand needs to pack some heat to stand out and stick in people’s minds like glue, so much so that they can’t help but talk about you. And you gotta pack that all that fascination heat into a really short period of time. Like, the length of Kim Kardashian’s marriage, short. However, keep in mind that your aim is to surprise and delight your audience with your true self, in a way that comes out naturally. Don’t wear a meat dress just to be controversial, only do it if that’s truly your thing.

4. Branding Expression & Flexibility

Once you’ve got a feel for the ferocious, sizzling, captivating way you’re gonna brand yourself, you need to step into it. Madonna says it best – “express yourself, don’t repress yourself!” This step is like branding on steroids. (Go behind-the-scenes on my client’s iconic branding photo shoot and see what I mean.) It’s about owning your brand power and showing up big, in every sense of the word. Wanna know why iconic branding works? It all comes down to confidence.

Branding flexibility is about walking. It. Out. You can’t just wait around like a lovesick girl on prom night…you gotta go out and get some! It’s about meeting your audience where they are and crafting your message for optimum cross-platform success…website, print materials, mobile, social media, audio, etc. It’s not just your look, or your writing style, or your voice, or your design, or your logo…but how all of those pieces come together.

5. Branding Depth

Everybody’s got their own savagely unique personality. Don’t be bummed, but not every type of marketing is going to work for you. It’s just the way it is. Instead of trying to fit into a cookie cutter mold, spend some time finding out how to market for your personality type and how to discover and brand your authentic voice. Once you do this, you’ll not only stand out, you’ll not only connect with your audience, but you’ll turn them into raving fans…or should I say raving customers.

Just like you’re one-of-a-kind, so is every single person in your audience. So you need to think about how to get on the same page with your audience’s different personalities and learning styles. One size does not fit all. You could be serving up the most decadent ice cream sundae, but if your audience is lactose intolerant, they’re never gonna taste how dreamy it is. Get started with these 3 smart ways to brand for different learning styles and leave no audience member behind.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Rockin’ your personal branding

Look, entrepreneurs are total, complete freakin’ rock stars in my eyes. But if you’re not 100% owning your personal branding, your customer isn’t going to see you like one. My passion is helping you to get on top with your personal branding, be unique, and stand out. If you want to get noticed and get known by being unapologetically you, book an Expression Session and let’s chat. It’s your time to shine and stand out like the star that you are.

You know it, I know it. So let’s do it!