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Are you hitting a wall in your business?

Do you feel like you are hitting a brick wall or nothing seems to be moving forward in your business?

I was away for 2 days with my mentor working on systems and structures for my business. At least that is what I thought I was working on. However, what I found out was that the systems are the easy part. What I discovered to be standing in the way of my greatness is mostly my own resistance.

“Whatever way you are not in your fullness will restrict your money.”

     -Dr Kate

There is nothing more delicious than being in a group of loving supportive women that have nothing to prove, and best of all, nothing to sell. The good news is—they see me; the bad news is—they see me. If I cry, I cry. No big deal; I am releasing. They are always looking under your secret rocks to expose something I have been trying to avoid, most likely for my entire life.

That one thing, lurking in my shadow, is keeping my business from sky-rocketing. As if there actually could be only one thing, but what if there was?

What have you been avoiding in your business (or self) that you know would sky rocket your revenues, or create the life you want to be living? Be really honest and look at that one thing. What if you accomplished “that” or completed “this” or resolved “the other”? I guarantee your business will move forward with more grace and ease.

Maybe it’s hiring a coach (learning and being held accountable) and investing in yourself. Or maybe you need to create a budget for your business. Or maybe it’s focusing on loving/accepting yourself more fully.

Whatever it is…do it now!

Do that one thing that will give you the confidence to keep moving forward and getting what you really want and living the life you really want.

If you would like to get support from me, schedule a 30 Expression Session. Let’s talk about your business.

Breathe Deeply, Laugh Loudly and Be Audacious!  

Above all, Celebrate Yourself!
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