8 tips to be the Most Memorable Person in the Room

Networking and making connections is great. Relationships are the foundations of all success…but only if people remember you.

I tell my clients “If people fall in love with you they will remember you”.

We all remember people we are attracted to and want to get to know better. We even remember their names and everyone else we simply forget.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel”

—Maya Angelou

Nothing is worse than knowing you have met someone several times before and they don’t’ remember you. OMG… you have been completely forgotten!

The coolest and most in-demand people are the ones that people want to share, refer and introduce to others. So how do you Stand Out from the crowd without being creepy or gimmicky?

  1. Get Specific about Results: Being more specific about the results others get by working with you will make you more memorable. Most of us talk in circles and we say way too much about the nuts and bolts or the modalities that we work in.

Rebel Tip: Tell a before and after story about one of your clients (keep it short) and then say, “Is that something you would like to do?”

“People don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care”

  1. Get 10x More Excited: Energy is everything when it comes to being memorable. It’s a Vibe that you exude. Raise your vibe before you step into the floor. No one can go into an event cold and be their best self…and that is the only way to be truly memorable.

Rebel Tip: Pump up your energy with an awesome soundtrack. I usually play very loud Rock’n Roll or Opera right before I enter an event! It’s fun and exciting and I feel unstoppable!

  1. Be Fascinating: Don’t just say the same old, same old (Bla-Bla-Bla). At any sort of networking or gathering we are on autopilot. “Hi how are you? Fine. How are things going, Great” BORING and most of the time a big fat lie. I was at a networking event once and a guy asked this attractive woman, How you doin’? She replied Great, I had sex this morning, you?” We all burst into laughter and felt totally connect. That was soo unexpected, surprising and it was totally memorable.

Rebel Tip: Next time you are asked a boring question don’t parrot back your response as usual…Respond with something unique, positive, or funny that you are doing and give a one-line answer.

  1. Ask about LOVE not work: Don’t open with the “What do you do?” question. Stop It! It’s not memorable, it’s mundane. Instead ask, “What are you Passionate about? Or what do you love about your life? Or what are 3 things you love to do? All you have to do after that is listen and watch the other person light up.

Rebel Tip: Don’t over think it…just go with it, experiment and see what happens.

  1. Pimp-Out Your Wardrobe: Ever wonder why celebrities and artists walk the red carpet in outlandish getups? Or why athletes (who have to wear the same uniforms) decide to sport crazy wild hairdos or tatted–up arms? It’s the sticky factor and a great way to Stand Out from every other person in the room.

Rebel Tip: Get an interesting haircut, shoes, glasses or a unique dress and be the one everyone wants to talk to. Become the spark that ignites an interesting conversation that makes you memorable.

  1. Leave them wanting more: Start an interesting conversation and connection and then duck out on it. Tell the person you will contact them and finish it up later. This gives you a place to pick up on when you talk to them again. It keeps them hanging and can’t wait to connect much like how the sitcoms end in a cliffhanger and we just get hooked and binge all weekend.
  2. Try the instant intro email: Send an introductory email on the spot. After you have a good feeling connection send the person a quick into email and boom! You’re connected. People love to feel seen and heard this will exponentially increase the amount of follow-ups you get after meeting someone for the first time.

“The sweetest sound in the world is your own name”

  1. Be Mindful of Manners: Clever tricks and head whipping hooks can work wonders for being memorable as long as the person has good memories to take away from your encounter. And the Fundamentals Matter: Making a good first impression, remembering people’s names (that’s the biggest ever!) smiling, making eye contact, being real, open and expressing genuine interest in someone.

Rebel Tip: Be more interested…than interesting. And learn memory tips to access your recall and remember names. My Fav-Rave Jim Kwik—Kwiklearning.com


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