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7 Stupid Branding Mistakes

7 Stupid Branding Mistakes

Stupid Branding Mistakes

#2. Not establishing defined Brand Guidelines. Ok so you have spent sometime working on developing a brand, but what does it all mean, anyway? Nothing unless you establish a Personal Brand Identity and define the guidelines for usage. All of the elements visual and written need to be congruent to your values and your point of view. It doesn’t work to be the sweet nice girl next door brand ie think Sandra Bullock and show up like an edgy badass, ball buster like Madonna. Get it? The look, the feel and the experience of your brand has to be congruent, aligned with one voice.

Here are a few of the main elements to consider:

  • Logos and Icons that your brand is using for products and services
  • Your Branding Colors (keep it simple and pick 3)
  • Taglines and Head Whipping Hooks (keep them in the same voice)
  • Fonts and Typography (Choose 3: Headline Font, Body Copy & Accent font)
  • Your VOICE (sweet or badass)
  • Imagery (soft and pretty, classic or grunge)
  • Personal Images (make them unique to your brand, not just standard smiling photos)

“Clarity is King and Consistency is Queen”

If there are other elements that define your brand then include those as well. Create Your own Brand Guideline Documentation. The worst thing you can do is not have these worked out so your brand starts out clear to you but doesn’t translate to others. Your Personal Branding must be consistent and hold a clear direction otherwise it will dissipate and fall apart along with obstructing your success.

  • People won’t get you or worse they won’t think you get them.
  • They won’t understand you or what you are doing
  • Ultimately they won’t trust you.

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