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6 tips to get rid of the Monster in your email box

6 tips to get rid of the Monster in your email box

1. Make a decision to take control of this monster! Do it, Delete it, Delay it or Dump it.

2. Have more than one email account for campaigns & subscriptions and weed them out on Thursday and delete. (command A / delete)

3. Create a Swipe Folder of the people’s emails that you like the way they write and do their campaigns so you can model in the future.

4. Don’t get lost online. It can be like the Twilight Zone you get on Facebook and 3 hours get lost.

Schedule time for research and review rather than just looking around any old time.

5. Subscribe to all that crap you have collected (keep 2 or 3 fav raves).

6 Above all…YOU decide when you will check your emails. Turn-off instant notification. Do you really need to know someone elses agenda? FOCUS ON YOUR AGENDA.

Good luck this will take some courage. But you can do it. Really. It’s all about building a habit that supports and honors your sacred time.

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