5 Unusual Social Media Tips to Drive Your Branding, Clicks & Conversions

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5 Unusual Social Media Tips to Drive Your Branding, Clicks & Conversions

Yes, you must be using Social Media! It has come to this, you can’t ignore it anymore. And you must be doing it EFFECTIVELY. Shareaholics (Shareaholic.com) recent study suggests that social-media referrals are now driving 30% of websites overall traffic. Are you getting that much? Do people even visit your site or is it just sitting in space?

If you don’t know what I am talking about it’s time to start studying and getting in the know. This train has already left the station. My favorite book about platform building is Michael Hyatt that will get you started. Or listen to Amy Porterfield’s podcast on social media trends – she rocks!

Shareaholic slams YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn for the amount of traffic (i.e. seer numbers) that is driven to your site. However, they are the most engaged people. I don’t know about you…but size doesn’t matter to me as much as engagement.

But here are a few strategies you can use to boost your visits with social media:

#1 Create Custom Tweets. A Custom-formatted tweet will stand out and get someone’s attention instead of getting lost in the ocean of tweets. You can do this with line breaks or unique fonts and don’t forget color.

It’s short but it’s Tweet

Audacious Tip: Add a fun symbol or eye popping emoji (iEmoji.com) to transform your tweets from monotonous to magnificent.

#2 Write Longer Posts. Ok, not on Twitter (it’s capped at 140-characters). However, you can write longer posts on Google Plus. That way you have the possibility of dozens of comments and hundreds of +1s.

#3 Create Meaningful Connections. Be a connector your fans will love you for it. Your fans are incredible people, right? And they deserve to know each other. When you are the one that connects great people together, they will love you forever and they will talk about you and your brand forever too.

Audacious Tip: Social media is the new word-of-mouth. The term word-of-mouth originally referred to the newspaper but who reads that anymore? But social media pumps up referrals from friends and colleague recommendations. I have a client who gets 3 walk-ins a day from Yelp. Get on it!

Not to mention Facebook. OMG. Posts with photos have a higher level of engagement and now you can add photos to tweets increasing the engagement five times. And Instagram will get you 40% more ‘likes’ and 10% more comments than Facebook. Instagram has become the place that people go to follow their friends. We just want to be in their hip-pockets and see what they are eating that is soooo darn good.

A photo is like a thousand words-of mouth

#4 Make it Inspiring and Positive. Instead of ranting in the negative and following the madding crowd, try a little TLC. Emotions are contagious and people want to be happy, or at least optimistic, especially about important issues they care about. There is enough scary stuff out there people! Recently I even went to see the movie Cinderella to get a Happy Ending! Really, sometimes my reality bites.

#5 Normal Gets You Nowhere. Yes, you can be a little weird, you have my permission. People will love that you are real and they will admire your authenticity. Besides we have done plenty of crying haven’t we? And we all love a good surprise and to laugh loudly so let your freak flag fly.

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