5 things to Focus On When Defining Your Brand

By May 12, 2017Rebel Branding

“It was the worst of time’s it was the best of times” this is the famous opening line from Dickens book “The Tale of Two Cities”.

Do you remember reading that book in high school?

Or which two cities he was talking about?

Maybe not, but we all can recall that quote.

How about this one?

“With great power, comes great responsibility”.

Hell Yeah, you’re right if you said Spiderman.

In this modern time, with the overstimulation, interruptions and distractions…

It’s stories that get our attention.

Think about it … Telling stories are more powerful than what you know.

You might be thinking “Naw, really? How could that be?”

‘Cause, stories touch us and teaches us, at the same time.

They are memorable and have emotional impact.

“Every Story has a Point and Every Point has a Story”
                                                            —Les Brown, inspirational speaker

Your Brand needs to be memorable and have emotional impact too.

Keep in mind (no pun intended) your Brand is an impression.

And a Brilliant Brand captures you at your core and expresses your essence.

It’s a vibe that melts together who you are, what you stand for and what you do.

It’s Your Story.

Here are the 5 key things to focus on to define your brand:


#1. Be Passionate. (no passion, no story).

The truth is we all have a story (s). The key is how do you tell a story that expresses your passion and relates to your business.

Rebel tip: Jot down one or two stories from each decade of your life.

  • Ask yourself what was the lesson learned from that experience?
  • Ask yourself how does this relate to my Brand? Or why I do what I do?

#2. Be Authentic. It is essential to be true to yourself and your voice. Let your publicity and marketing efforts flow from your passion. The moment you refuse to censor yourself any longer and stop holding yourself back from what you really want to say…In that moment your ideal clients, your tribe, your peeps will finally see you, run to you, embrace you and do business with you.

Rebel tip: Life is short, so get some lady balls and go for it.

#3. Your website is your online Vibe. Make sure your website genuinely re-presents you.

Let’s face it, before we get any closer…We Google You to find out that you are who you say you are. Your site needs to have a very clear message that is congruent with your brand image. Your site provides an all-important first impression.

#4. Maintain a strong social media presence. The Trinity: Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin are the standards to start with and invaluable tools to share your brand. I currently am loving Instagram because it’s so visual and am planning to finally get into Facebook Live (scary so I must do it!). However make sure you have a unified brand message that weaves through your website, social media and anything else you do to promote yourself. Brand colors, design elements, photos, logo need to be simple and consistent.

A Consistent Brand and Message is what makes you Memorable.

Rebel tip: Keep it simple and have a cohesive social media strategy. Start with where your ideal clients hang out and go from there.

#5. Keep your Brand presence alive in traditional media too. Make yourself available for interviews in newspapers, magazines, TV stations and talk radio. These cast you as an authority in your field and keep expanding your circle of influence.

By deepening and defining your brand, brand message and brand story (s) you are making sure the world knows who you are and what you do. Any creating crystal clear clarity on what you have to offer and your expertise.

When you do this effectively you Stand Out, Get Known and Cash In on your expertise.

We help you to unleash your Inner Rebel and Transform into a Rock Star so you can Stand Out, Get Known and Cash in on your expertise… so you can make good money and impact the world with your work.


Be Unapologetically You!


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