5 Steps to Build a Rebel (Rock Star) Brand

By February 17, 2017Rebel Branding

I just stood there. Looking out into a room full of people.

Lights on me, cameras on me and microphone turned on.

Taking a deep breath to center myself…

Get present, get present feel your toes, see the walls of the room (my mind coached me).

Then I heard my voice say “Rebel Branding for Transformational Times”

What came next surprised me, I had never done this before….

Asking this questions …And then answering.

“What Breaks Your Heart…And What Pisses You Off?

“What pisses me off is little girls are not taught self-defense in schools to protect themselves from predators”.

“What pisses me off is that women are still not being paid the same as men for the same job”.

“What breaks my heart is that Artist and Creative people can’t make a living with their amazing gifts and talents. So they give up and stop creating”.

Exposing my most sensitive side revealing Rebels do Have Heart.

I looked out on their faces. We were all breathing together.

“Now it’s your turn”. And they started writing.

Defining your personal brand (or corporate brand) is all about expressing your core, your essence and being the biggest, boldest, badass YOU there is.

The foundation to a building a Rebel Brand is a story that expresses your values and beliefs. When you can do this in a way that is engaging, in a way that surprises and delights…

Boom! You can get the attention, traction and clients you want.

Fail and you will fade into the background and are lost forever in Wallflower-landia disappearing into the white noise a gazillion marketing messages.

Here’s the 5 Steps to Build Your Rebel (Rock Star) Brand:

1. Be Passionate and Inspire

When you let people feel your passion you deeply connect with them on a cellular level.

We all want to connect with each other and the easiest way to do that is through your passion. Passion is the language of connection and relationship. You can express your true self by simply by saying “What I am passionate about is….

Express Yourself Don’t Repress Yourself—Madonna

Answer this question for yourself: “What breaks your heart and What Pisses you off?


2. Be Authentically YOU

Stop trying so hard. There is no “fake it ‘til you make it”. We all have super sensitive BS meters.

Let your branding and your marketing flow from your true self.

The most powerful brand there is is being authentically you


3. Make Sure Your Website Genuinely Represents You

Your website is the re-presenting of YOU. And is one of the best ways to control your brand image.

It’s like online dating. Don’t make your picture 20 years younger than you are!

When people want to know more about you they go to your website or google you. You have to be up to date. What they find on your website totally influences them and how they perceive you, your services and your credibility.

People decide within 3 seconds of meeting you if they like you or not, the same goes for your website. First impressions count and on the web. You don’t get a second chance. You have got to nail this or lose them forever.


4. Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence

You have to have a unified message (consistent brand voice) that weaves through your website, your social media sites and anything else you do to promote yourself. Your design elements, photos look and feel everything needs to be consistent from one platform to the next.

When you think of Madonna, you think bold, ballsy, babe that is an outspoken rock’n’roll riot causing woman.

It would be off brand for her to do an acoustic un-plugged concert…Get it?


5. Keep Your Presence Alive in Traditional Media

Seek out and make yourself available for interviews with newspapers, magazines, TV stations and talk radio. Media appearances act as third-party endorsements, elevating you to an expert and authority in you field. It’s important to spend some time weekly or monthly cultivating your PR.

By defining yourself and making sure the world knows who you are (your Rebel Brand) understands what you do (your expertise) and who you do it for (your ideal peeps) sets you apart from everyone else and you Stand Out.

Not only do people see you but having a Rebel Brand opens up other opportunities that you never thought possible.

That is the power of a Rebel Brand.

Be Visible, Be Valuable. Be Making Offers.


Rock Your Rebel Style!


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  • Barbara Hogan says:

    Enjoyed your recent blog “5 Rock Star Networking Steps”. Simple things to remember that we sometimes forget but things that enable a connection with the possibility of an ongoing business relations. Great Job!

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