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5 Simple Strategies to Start Building Your List

5 Simple Strategies to Start Building Your List

Building your list is crucial for every business owner, especially if you are serious about growing your business both online and offline.

Everyone knows that giving something away for free is one of the best ways to get people to opt-in to your marketing list. Your free offer could be an eBook, a special report, or even an audio recording. Just make sure that what you are offering is something that you could charge money for, not just any old thing that you scraped together. This is your one and only opportunity to make a lasting impression – don’t blow it!

Here are five proven and easy strategies to help you build your list:

Strategy #1: Make sure your Sign Up form or Opt-In Box is on Every Page of Your Website

Adding a subscribe form or opt-in box to every page of your website ensures that no matter what page a visitor may land on first, they will learn about your valuable e-zine and your irresistible free offer.

Strategy #2: Promote Your Free offer in Your Email Signature
At the end of your email signature, after all of your contact information, include a quick 2 to 3 line mini advertisement for your irresistible free offer.

Strategy #3: Use Your Business Card
Use the back of your business card to advertise your Irresistible free offer. If your business card is blank, print new cards and with instructions to go to your website and get their free gift.

Strategy #4: Attend Live Networking Events
The people you meet in person are often your most loyal and valuable prospects and clients. If your contacts opt-in to your e-zine list, the likelihood that they will purchase something from you will increase.

People naturally want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. When you take the time to connect with people in person increases the “know” and “like” factors, and a consistently well-done e-zine that delivers great content will reinforce the “trust” factor with your audience.

Bonus tip: When networking, be sure to mention your e-zine in your elevator speech. If you have time, or someone wants to know more, mention something about the benefits subscribers receive. Offer to add them to your list and if they are still unsure, offer to send them a sample copy to review.

Strategy #5: Announce Your E-zine to Your Network
If you are just getting started with an e-zine, send out a promotional marketing email to announce your e-zine to your clients, prospects, business networks, and friends.

It’s a great idea to send them a single sample issue to read through with an invitation to opt-in to your list and continue receiving your e-zine. If you belong to any professional organizations or associations, find out if you can place an ad in their newsletter or trade publication. Getting your name out in front of a bigger audience is great exposure for both you and your business.

Bonus tip: encourage your readers to share your e-zine with a friend. Again, getting your name and content out in front of a larger audience is always great exposure. Always include a way for people to sign up with a link right on your newsletter to capture new subscribers right away.

Kristen Poborsky, MBA is a business builder and manager who loves working with Business and Life Coaches that are serious about taking their businesses to six figures and beyond. Kristen has a background in business management and systems development with nationally known companies including Eddie Bauer and Microsoft most recently. She left the corporate world in 2009 to build her own business and has never looked back. You can find her here:  http://Kristenpoborsky.com

Kristen loves partnering with Ann to help clients to build the businesses of their dreams!

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