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5 Secrets Nobody is Telling You About Personal Branding

Personal Branding is one of the best strategies for entrepreneurs and small business out there right now. Why? Because your viewers, clients and consumers pretty much distrust corporate brands and judge them as The Evil Empire.

Your Personal Brand is YOU

Your Personal Brand capitalizes on the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor which is why people buy your stuff. It creates client loyalty, builds raving fans and ultimately raises the bottom line (cha-ching). Your Personal Brand can go with you, in whatever direction you choose to go because it is not attached to a specific product so you have more flexibility for growth and change in your business. While Personal Branding is much like Corporate Branding, applied to an individual, it is not always that simple and can get pretty messy.

Here’s What Can Freakin’ Mess You Up:

1. Personal Branding isn’t for Everyone: (Did I just say that out loud?)

Yes, here’s what I mean; personal branding requires you to show up and interact as your brand. You need to interact, network, make new connections and quite frankly it’s a lot easier for the extraverts to do that. They like to be the “it girl” and love the center of attention.

If you are an introvert, especially an extreme one – don’t like to be seen, hate people and don’t want to connect – it’s probably not for you.

Most people fall somewhere on a bell curve, so if you are an introvert you can still be successful with personal branding, it just may be more of a challenge for you.

2. There is no Formula: (It’s all made up!)

There are a lot of marketing strategies that are tried and true formulas and systems if you do x you will get y. They can be completely predictable and you get predictable results. However, with Personal Branding you are never quite guaranteed that the results you want will be that way 100%. There are some best practices but you must realize personal branding relies on PEOPLE and people are unpredictable. If you do it right, your raving fans will love you and you will repel everyone else. This can be hard for you people pleasers – you know who you are.

3. There are No Shortcuts:

Your personal brand is you. You have to take the time to build a reputation and be consistent over time in everything that you do. You are building a reputation and getting known over time so no hacks or quick fixes will work.

4. It isn’t exclusively online: (It’s everywhere!)

Personal or Personality Branding evolved partly to the internet and all social media. That’s all part of developing your brand and you must be consistent and aligned online and offline. It’s much harder to build your personal brand by online alone. Most successful online marketers started offline. You need to become an influencer on both. However, when you are starting out there is nothing more powerful than face to face.

5. Rome wasn’t built in a day:

It all comes down to consistency and time (hard work?). It’s not hard if you love your Personal Brand and you get Juiced by it! However, it is a long term strategy and will take commitment to go deep into what makes you unique and how to say it in words and visuals on all platforms. So if it sounds like WORK it is but the rewards are great.

I suggest you get with a branding expert who will help you create it and make the process fun for you (wink, wink).

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