5 personal habits that are keeping you from Success

5 personal habits that are keeping you from Success

1. Lack of Sleep. Yeah dats right, you gotta sleep. Without it you make crappy decisions. You can’t just get 4 hours and take power-cat-naps. No, No. It is scientifically proven we actually need 7-9 hours of sleep a night to repair our bodies. There is a reason it’s called Beauty Sleep, so get some.

A tired mind is a stupid Mind

Stop wearing the Big Badge of Super busy. It doesn’t make you a better than other people (I know you think it does). You must rest to be more productive, innovative and creative.

2. Poor Personal Finances. When you are not in control of your money, or don’t know what you are making and spending it takes its toll on your serenity. You are usually cray-cray and pushing way to hard to get clients. That is not so attractive and people can smell desperation, it’s a complete turn off, client repellant.

Even if you are not making the amount of money you want stay focused on revenue producing activities and stop doing the stuff that doesn’t really matter.

3. Sucky Relationships. Everyone I know who has distractions of the heart, suck at making money. It’s the biggest land mine and sucks your energy and the life right out of your business. The more intimate the relationship the more problems will affect you emotionally, mentally and physically.

You must slow down and give quality time to your partner, girlfriend or boyfriend. Have the courage to reboot and repair things when they get fucked up, no matter who’s fault it it.

Audacious Tip: Ask yourself do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

And make sure if the relationship is a complete bummer and toxic, dump it or your business will dump you.

4. Lack of Exercise. Many of us are notorious for thinking when I make more money I will take care of my body. That is just WRONG. Your confidence actually takes a dive when you reduce your exercise. It reduces your energy and mental stamina, crucial to building a business.

Audacious Tip: Consistent exercise sets you up to break through the business barriers and maintain a steady growth over time. Plus you freakin’ FEEL GOOD.

5. Struggling with Boundaries. Lack of discernment between concern, responsibility and downright people pleasing will lead you to burnout and frustration. When you don’t have healthy strong boundaries, your world becomes a pressure cooker of overwhelm.

Audacious Tip: There are other people who actually can do the task better than you. So let go of the SHOULDS and ask for help.

Free your mind and remove mental roadblocks by having firm boundaries in place. It’s a practice especially for women who have been trained to please everyone and put themselves last.

Audacious Tip: Act as if you are a multi-million-dollar business owner and make all your decisions from there.

Remember it takes time to change a habit. If you find yourself doing one of these, simply correct and continue. If you can change your habits you will change your business and that will change your life.

Great Habits, Great Business, Great Life

One last thing: Stop Multi-tasking, period.

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