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5 Personal Branding Secrets to Boost Your Online Visibility

5 Personal Branding Secrets to Boost Your Online Visibility

You magnetize and influence with your charisma and charm in person. (Your brain processes 98% through vision; you’re in 3D!) But, how do you do that in digital space?

Online you can become a Virtual Bore in no time flat. The best way to be someone people want to read, get to know, or even better, talk about, is to tell stories. People love stories, they love to connect and they love good content.

“Your Job is to create Credibility, Connections and Content”

It’s uber competitive to get eyeballs on you in digital space. (In space, no one can hear you scream.) You easily become an insignificant speck of dust in that vast black hole of social media. So what can you do? First assume that you now own your own mini-media company. (That’s right, you!) You must learn how to build Influence online as well as off.

Gary Vaynerchuk author of Crush it! and an online branding wizard says, “Since every individual is a media company, your personal brand is your brand. How you project your image dictates how people receive your brand, not the other way around.”

1. Visual Storytelling.

You can do this with YouTube but, what if you suck on video? What if you are insanely shy? Try using SlideShare. (www.slideshare.com) Create some eye catching imagery and fetching words that captivate, fascinate and intrigue your audience. You can be invisible (behind the scenes) and still be visible.

2. Personal Storytelling.

Try Medium. (www.medium.com) You can write an in depth account of your personal compelling story that really personally brands you and connects you to people. On this site good relevant content gets shared. Go for it!

3. Collect leads from the Get Go with a Kick Ass Opt-in.

Don’t wait to do this. Give your tribe a Kick Ass Opt in offer they can’t refuse. If you are not sure how to do this, sign up for a 30 min. Expression Session and we can create one on the spot. Be Unstoppable!

4. Build your Brand (and your List) through Blogs.

The cool thing it your can take all your blogs and create a book from them. So you are blogging and promoting the book as you are writing it. Cool, right? You could even pre-sell it before it’s written with a call to action on your blog. Become a Rock Star Blogger…

“Follow your bliss”

—Joseph Campbell

5. Guest blog to Build Your Creds & Fans.

Guest blogging grows your following and establishes your credibility. If you just built a blog and can’t get no satisfaction, ie. no traffic, start guest-blogging. Get on other people’s blogs and in their circle of influence to build your own.

Write it like you mean it!

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  • Ken Schmitt says:

    Excellent article, Ann! It’s easy to get lost in the vast virtual world. However, if people treat it the same way as Real World marketing and branding, they can achieve great results. Finding potential clients is only part of the battle. How do you make them relate, stick around, and hopefully decide to hire you or buy your product? CONNECTION!! It’s all about connection and identification. If your audience and “see” themselves in your branding they will most certainly connect and build a relationship. Using each of your suggestions above, reaching that audience to make that connection is absolutely within reach!

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