5 Branding and Marketing Lessons learned Watching Donald Trump Run for President

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5 Branding and Marketing Lessons learned Watching Donald Trump Run for President

“The Donald” that is all people are really talking about this champagne (Holiday) season…and a lot of us are completely stumped as to WHY?

Why is everyone talking about him and how is it he is dominating the airwaves?

Over dinner with my mentor Brian Whetten, we were discussing that Trump is the voice of the pissed off. That people are totally mad at the state of affairs in America so he has become the voice of the brash, stupid and hateful… and the more he makes stupid outrageous statements the more he raises in popularity.

He is like a bad car crash that you can’t take your eyes off…

Regardless of what I think about the guy (which I try to do as little as possible) he’s always got the public’s attention. Here are a few branding and marketing lessons that you can model. But first thing is to always follow the Audacious Tips.

Audacious Tip: Use Your Super Powers for Good.

1. Know your audience—Trump doesn’t care if you love him or hate him. He is playing to a super select group who believe in his message and want to support Him.

This is a tough one for women since we have been trained to please everyone, oh yeah.
However, as soon as you give that up, have your own point of view and truly be yourself that is when your success becomes inevitable. I know, that’s how it worked for me and I have seen this time and time again with my clients.

Don’t Appeal to Everyone

2. Know Your Brand—Love him or hate him, Trump knows who he is…The New Yorkers (myself included) have been watching him with distain for years. And it doesn’t matter if he is being a big shot real estate developer, bestselling author, TV reality-show mogul on The Apprentice…he is still bold, brassy, pushy and often stupid with a take-no-prisoners attitude. What you see is what you get! (That’s his Brilliant Brand).

Audacious Tip: Your Brand has to have a strong voice. Choose a lane, The Girl Next Door or a Badass and stick to it. You must create a personal manifesto, Point of View, Rebel signature talk and one-of- a- kind products and services.

3. Be Audacious—Trump has said a lot of extremely outrageous things during the campaign, inflammatory remarks, racist slurs, untrue accusations and instead of hurting him it has boosted his performance in the polls.

WTF is going on?

The reason is Trumps supporters respect him for speaking his truth, even if he is rude, crude and ugly. They love that he is in your face, even if he is spewing completely insane stupid things.

Don’t be afraid to really stand for something as a brand. It’s better to be controversial than boring. When your try to be blandly inoffensive, mainstream, business as usual you simply disappear in the ocean of vanilla flavored business.

Audacious Tip: It’s better to lose the people that don’t get it or get you and keep your raving fans.

4. Trust Yourself—Trump doesn’t follow focus groups. All the candidates test out their message, trying to find the right combination of words and issues to appeal to the right demographic of voters. Subsequently they all sound pretty canned and polished losing any real human connection. Trump is unrehearsed and unpolished and not afraid to shoot his mouth off or fly off the handle.

Same goes for you… GET REAL. Show some true emotions. Trust yourself, that your idea is good, your services are good and that what you bring to the table is extraordinary!

Audacious Tip: People fall in love with Real, not perfect

5. No Apologies—Trump is like no one else (that is for sure!). He seemingly has absolutely no sense of regret or shame (some could say Sociopathic)… He says what he says, calls it like he sees it and simply moves on ignoring the critics. He appears impervious to mistakes or ever admitting he is wrong.

As women we seem to always be apologizing for everything…Oh Sorry, Sorry, Sorry
(WTF) Enough. And it’s hard to know where to draw the line. When to apologize for a mistake and when to hold your clients responsible…But what I know for sure is don’t try to make bad clients happy. They are never going to be happy. Decide to refund or not to refund and above all FIRE THEM.

Don’t get bogged down or disappointed so you can’t get out of bed. Correct, continue and keep moving forward with no judgment.

Audacious Tip: Everything is for you. It’s an opportunity to love yourself more.

I am not saying be like Trump…OMG, Absolutely not… BE YOURSELF.

That’s where all the power is…BEING YOU ENOUGH

Being Yourself is the cornerstone of YOUR BRILLIANT BRAND. Once you get that right, everything else falls into place.

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