5 Bad Writing Habits to Drop Right Now

5 Bad Writing Habits to Drop Right Now

I’ve been writing blogs now for 5 years. Hard to believe that I could have that much to say, right? When I was in High School I always wanted to be a writer, the kind that locked themselves away in a remote cabin in the mountains and wrote a profound novel ala Siddhartha or Atlas Shrugged. But alas, I was crippled by self-doubt fueled by I can’t spell; I lacked the discipline of sentence structure not to mention getting a C- in English (ugh). When I read things about what you should NOT do in terms of writing habits it kinda gets my REBEL going…So I will do my best to sort this out for you.

Bad Habits:

1. More Than One Exclamation Point!!!!!!!!!!!

Every exclamation point beyond the first one ruins your credibility by 50% (I made that up) and you sound like a Valley Girl— Gawd! If you feel you need one, just use one. Remember here, less is more.

2. The Uberlong Paragraph

According to research and given we all have ADD many people skim rather than take the time to read. Most of us just won’t or don’t take the time to hunker down and cuddle up to read great articles. I am sure you can relate, right? So break it up and use the return key, a freakin’ lot.

3. Buzzwords

The definition of Buzzwords: A word or phrase, often an item of jargon, that is fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context. If you are Uber-hip and your brand voice uses jargon then I say DO IT. However for everyone else use sparingly or knock it off altogether.

4. The Rambling (Disco Ball) Story

Again think 3 seconds to captivate. If you don’t make you point in the first three sentences or right up front, FORGETABOUTIT. You have lost your peeps, they turn off and click on.

5. Vague Language

Don’t Be Vague. You know you are reading it when you can’t quite get what the person it trying to say. It simply leaves you with WTF. We don’t want to try and understand or figure it out. We want it clear, concise and relevant.

Audacious writing tips:

  • Communicate one idea per paragraph
  • Force yourself to write your Big Idea in a simple sound byte
  • Use fewer words and smaller words
  • Use more nouns

When you let go of all the extra stuff, fluff and garbage your writing will become dynamic, mind-blowing and possibly even epic (refer to #3 Buzzwords and note that is my Brand Voice). l become dynamic, mind-blowing and possibly even epic (refer to #3 Buzzwords and note that is my Brand Voice).

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