Real, Raw and Relevant conversation with Pat Duckworth, Midlife Mojo expert.


I am opening my kimono to reveal everything…

Real, Raw & Relevant.

I love to be surprised and delighted with the inspected.

And that is what happened the day I met her.

Pat Duckworth (I should have known I was in for it by her name alone)

A gentle and unassuming Brit and a blond to boot.

Little did I know, at the time, my life was about to take radical turn.

As women entrepreneurs we all seem to face that fear wall of “doing it alone”.

The haunting feeling we are out here by ourselves, so “pull up you big girl panties and grind it out!”


That can take a life time and years of therapy to figure out…and believe me, I know.

But what if instead of figuring it out…Which from my POV is about as productive as dirt.

You just give yourself permission to be yourself.
Re-frame all those missteps, falters and failures as learning to be masterful. 

And move on.

Hot Women Rock is about YOU.

You will discover how many successful women failed their way to the top.

And really see you are not alone.

We are in this together.

If you want help with your website, brand, messaging or personal story you know where to find me.


Rock Your Rebel Style! (Rake in the Cha-Ching)

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