Happy New YOU !

It’s that time to acknowledge, let go and set yourself up powerfully for more good.


So I have this Weird Yearly Tradition that  I do every New Year’s Eve.

I use my Super Power to look backwards and forwards at the same time.

The truth is time is not linear, my belief is that it’s a spiral and is all happening at once. (pure rebel thinking).

So with that in mind here is an easy way to create a NEW YOU and tap into your Super Powers.


Ask yourself these 3 simple questions:


1) What did I do, create or experience this year that I am super proud of?

Most of the time we Uber—Type A personalities are rockin’ it out at the speed of light (my nickname is Astro Girl, what’s yours?). We don’t stop to acknowledge ourselves or our accomplishments.

So let me do that right now “You are doing a damn good job!”

Acknowledge your progress.

“It’s Progress not Perfection”

I’ll admit it. I am sooo guilty of not doing this…

What are the big and little things you have done? The little things are important too. It’s all the little things that add up to make the big difference.

The Little Things Matter the Most

What did you make happen this year? Write it down. This is so important ‘cause most of us are always finding fault and criticizing ourselves.

I never get enough done.

I don’t do it fast enough.

I am not making enough money

“Enough is Enough”—my favorite quote from my book Laughing Your Way to Loving Yourself

This can cause you to be heading into the New Year feeling deflated and defeated.

Rebel Tip: Look through all your calendars, iphone, photos and really get present to what you have done, all of it.

This will let you know and feel accomplished and give you something to talk about and share over all the parties and dinners coming up (when people ask “how was your year?”).

2) What Lessons can you Leverage?

I don’t believe in learning from your mistakes (no way). They were mistakes, don’t do it again! Instead look to see what decisions and habits you can put into place to stay on course, focused and directed.

Correct and Continue

Get a 30,000 ft. view of yourself and your business to see what worked and what not so much…Remember to keep a “no judgment zone”.

No Beat Up Necessary

Distance, time and perspective can create power where once you may have felt like “what a freakin’ mess”.

Look back over your year and ask what didn’t go so well, or as well as you would have liked it to? Or what was just a complete bomb (and not in a good way).


3) What am I willing to let go of?

This is a biggie for me. “Let it Go…Hell No!” (ok I’m letting go of that)

So just let it go, de-clutter your emotional space (the best you can). What crap can you let go of that is holding you back?

It’s De-clutter Colonic Time!

I have talked to so many super successful entrepreneurs and friends…We are all saying the same thing…GET BIG & GET SIMPLE.

What are the things that have just been hanging around on your to-do-list for-EV-va? What can you get out of, delegate or simply delete?

Get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you. Anything that doesn’t align with where you are right now, where you want to go or who you want to be.

What resentments?

What anger?

What hurts?

Guilt, shame or embarrassment?

What limiting stories are you still telling yourself or repeating to other people? (ugh) Like I am too old, I‘m not that smart, I don’t produce enough or make enough money, I am never going to get in a committed relationship.

Who would you be without those limiting stories?

Write down all your limiting conversations. Get them all out of your head and onto the paper until you are at empty, zero, zilch, absolutely nothing.

4) Get rid of it.

Then, rip it up, throw it out or my personal fav-rave Burn that sucker!

Use my favorite quote by Glinda the good witch, from that famous business book “Be Gone You have on Power Here!” Say it as a command.

5) Revolutionary Vision Story

From this space of empty and nothingness,  you are free to create anything that your heart desires.

Write a NEW STORY for this coming year. All the things you do want (Money, Love & Health). It’s your story so make it a good one.

Rebel tip: Write it like it’s already happened (remember that time is not linear and the brain doesn’t doesn’t know the difference between a dream or reality).

Then Share it with a trusted friend. And read it out loud to yourself often.

“When you dream alone it’s a dream…but when you dream together, it’s reality”John Lennon

You are a Rebel with a Cause… G’aw on, summon all your courage and just let it rip, baby!


Liberate Your Rebel Spirit.


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