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4 Branding Mistakes That You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way

4 Branding Mistakes That You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way

When you are looking to create your brand (or your business for that matter) you just want it to as smoothly as possible, right? You just want to Stand Out from all the others in a noisy marketplace. You just want people to simply get you and get your valuable service. Well, easier said than done…

Unfortunately, there are some simple branding mistakes that many entrepreneurs and new business owners make when creating their brand. So here are the ones to avoid at all cost.

#1 You don’t have a crystal clear understanding of what your Brand stands for.

If you strip away all the stuff that goes into a brand, what is your brand about? What is your essence, your primary purpose and what do you want to be known for?

“The most common and detrimental branding mistake, is not having an definitive understanding of your brand and what it stands for”—Daymond John (Fubu & Shark Tank)

You need to be able to articulate this single elemental point, if you can’t you’re standing on shaky ground. You can’t just go jumping off a cliff without wings and expect to fly. It is not good enough to have a vague idea, you brand is YOU and you must stand for something. You have got to dig deep. Great brands are backed by unshakable values.

Audacious Tip: Spend time really exploring your personal and business core values. They should definitely reflect you, your essence and your brand.

#2 You chose a dumb domain name.

Once you choose a domain name, you seemingly get stuck with it. However, you can always pick a new one and redirect your old traffic to the new domain, but that’s kinda tacky. It’s important to choose a great domain name to create your business and identity presence.

Here’s what a good domain name needs:

  • It is the same as the business name, or as close as it can be.
  • It is memorable.
  • It is short.
  • It’s relevant to the business product or service.
  • It is simple, no dots, dashes or strange elements and ends in .com

Audacious Tip: Always get your personal name. Personal branding is trending for boutique custom business owners.

“You want to keep your name to yourself”

#3. You don’t prioritize customer service

You can have the best product, awesome website and be an expert at what you do but your brand lives or dies based on the quality of your customer service. If your customer service stinks your brand losses credibility and gets deemed unworthy. It can truly suck.

“People will talk, post tweet, and re-tweet”

We have all had our unsatisfying experiences with the phone company and big corporations that outsource their customer service to other countries and you end up speaking to someone that doesn’t even understand English! Customer service is the one branding feature you should never ignore. It really shows how much you CARE.

#4 You Go Dark

As a brand, you are what you say and what you do.

One of the biggest branding mistakes is to shut-up and say nothing. The best way to form and build a brand is to have a point of view (that reflects your brand voice) and to produce content. This content, your brand voice, point of view and information defines who you are, your approach, you unique message, your goals and values. It is what gets you noticed, followed and why people fall in love with you.

In order to be truly successful, you absolutely have to produce content on consistent and regular bases. Content marketing and branding are inseparable twins. They are BFFs.

Here are 3 places you have got to be active, for crying out loud.

  • Email. Email is not dead. It is still the biggest source of referrals and traffic for practically all business. If you have a n email list, engage them and keep it warm. If you don’t that one of the first things to begin to build. Your list is Golden, it’s your life line.
  • Blog. Get your blog posted throughout social media so it gets read. Don’t let a week pass without doing this. This is what drive people to get to know you and go to your website for more of you and eventually become a raving fan (that’s code for buy your stuff).
  • Social Media. If you drop out, poof, you are instantly forgotten. Stay active on all social media channels. Or just pick 3 and stay consistent.

Branding is a big overlooked and neglected issue for many startups and new entrepreneurs. With all the interest with content marketing, mobile dominance, video growth and social media branding has kinda gotten lost and left for last. When it is actually the most important part of your business. It’s your face in the world. Branding really is everything you say and do. It’s simply to BIG to ignore.

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