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3 Ways that Entrepreneurs Fail at their Personal Branding

3 Ways that Entrepreneurs Fail at their Personal Branding

Personal Branding in sooo critical for all entrepreneurs – especially in this highly competitive and over-crowded market. Think about it, in 60 seconds 571 new websites are created, 70 new domains are registered, 347 new blogs posted and 72 hours of videos are uploaded. You have got to make a statement and be memorable with your Personal Brand or you are toast!

It’s more than a logo or your photograph or even the value of your service. Your Personal Brand cements the know, like, and trust factor and that is why people buy from you.

Your Personal Brand can cut through all the crap or can just become scrap

We have gotten to the point there is so much information out there that it’s not important any more what matters is the EXPERIENCE. How people experience YOU is your Brand.

Here are the biggest mistakes that have entrepreneurs fail at their Personal Branding and some cool tips on how to avoid them.

#1 Big Mistake: They assume they already know and understand their Personal Brand.

We think we know what we stand for and what we deliver. We know ourselves, right? However your Personal Brand isn’t what you say about yourself, it’s what others say about you. Mostly, what is said behind your back when you are not there? True Dat! How do others describe you, innovative, creative, caring, and impeccable?

Audacious Tip: To get a super clarity on this interview some people you trust. You can ask “What is present for you when I am here?” Or “What are the first 3 words that come to mind when you think of me? Or “What do you see that I excel in? And what not so much?”

#2 Big Mistake: Not consciously creating a clear narrative.

We assume people will intuitively just somehow “get it” and understand our brand because it’s obvious to us.
We think we are telling people all the time what we do and why we do it. But mostly we are in our own worlds talking to ourselves. I read my clients stuff all the time or listen to them describe what they do and they think they are speaking plan English. Freaking Really?

Audacious Tip: Share your Big Why. Tell the story of why you are doing what you are doing now. Usually, this is rather messy and you are not going to look good. What drove you to become an expert at what you do? No one can do that for you…you have to dig deep and reveal it for yourself.

#3 Big Mistake: Not Living your Brand. A brand is a complete perception.

Creating a personal brand is not as easy as it seems. It’s not as simple as a catchy hook or a tagline; you must be the living personification of your brand. Many people think as long as they articulate how they want to be perceived people with see them that way. Nothing could be further from the Truth. All of your content and communication as well as your actions, photos and the way you dress need to align. This can be surprisingly difficult and takes thought and effort. Your voice and language is important and has to align with your images on your website and your blogs and how you present yourself.

I know a lot of Badass Babes but they don’t own it and would prefer to be sweet, pretty and loving or some have been told to be a Badass when their essence is sweet, caring and loving. At the end of day incongruence simply doesn’t work. Madonna decided early on to raise a ruckus and be controversial, anything less than that and we would just ignore her.

Audacious Tip: Being unapologetically You is the most powerful formula for success there is.

Having a strong Personal Brand will make you stand out so people can see you, align with you, follow you and it will also repel them too! (That’s the good news). Your people will totally get You, what you do and align behind you. In other words become raving fans. And isn’t that what we all want? To work with people and serve people that totally get us and we get them… that’s the power of a strong Personal Brand.

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