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3 Tips to De-clutter & Create a Sacred Office Space

* Get your paperwork under control. Make 3 Piles: File, Action, Recycle. File the things you need for reference, or you need to keep for the IRS or some other government department. Get tough with you Action Pile — if it’s something that might happen, someday, maybe, put it in the recycle pile and forget about it — you most likely would have forgotten about it anyway.

*Focus on being productive. Being organized is a means to an end, not the end product. Be sure to make a shor list of “must do” actions each day. Do those things first. The rest is gravy. I write my list on a sticky note so it can’t be too long and it get’s posted right in front of where I work to remind me to stay on task. I only ever have one sticky note that has my “must do'”. Any other to-do’s are collected on a master list which can be referred to when making the “must do” list. I make my list at the end of the day so I can fully rest at night and not be thinking about all the things I need to do the next day. Keep a hot file of the paperwork associated with actions either by due date (tickler file), by type of activity (See David Allen’s “Getting Things done”), by project, or by priority (immediate, soon, later, or whatever labels work for you.)

*Know when and how you work the best. Schedule blocks of time to work on you most important tasks when you are at Your Peak Performance. Notice your style of working. Are you able to sit and focus for  long periods of time and getting up of supplies breaks your concentration? Are you the opposite? Make your office fit what you need. Place supplies either in easy reach, or so the getting them is an excuse to move. If you can make keeping your paperwork under control, focusing on your top priorities each day and making time to do you best work habitual, you will be amazed at what you accomplish.


Katherine Macy, Organize to Excel

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