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3 Things You Do That Stop People from Buying Your Stuff and How to Fix It

3 Things You Do That Stop People from Buying Your Stuff and How to Fix It

OMG. I was on the phone with a client today and I said, “Did you follow up with a nice note to all the people you just met at the event you were at?” His exact words, “No, because I don’t want them to try and sell me stuff!”

People, please don’t try and sell other people your stuff. Nothing is more of a turn off than trying to push your stuff onto someone you just met and most likely don’t know anything about.

Everything you do is about WTF (where’s the focus). What is your true intention? Very few peeps like a pushy bitch or dominating dude to shove their sh*t in your face and say, “Buy this.”

Although one of the best books I ever bought, Stepping into the Spotlight was sold to me that way. (ha!) OK, there is the occasional exception.

People will buy if you have something that solves their problem and they have an urgency to solve that problem, right now. If you have that they will be saying, “give-it-ta-me!”

1. Stop Selling Your Stuff

Audacious Tip: People buy because of WHO you are BEING. Are you 100% present, listening and caring? Are you really telling them the TRUTH? People are dying to hear the truth, not a sales pitch. Be the first to give them something they really need. Give your advice freely. Hook them up to other people who can solve their problem, like an article you just read, or a website, book etc.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
—Theodore Roosevelt

It’s a well-known fact that lowering your price or discounting your worth might temporarily get you a client…but first it’ll piss you off! Hey we have all done it and lived to regret it. The Client loses respect for you and you lose respect for yourself. It’s a lose/lose situation. Better to charge what you’re worth.

2. Stop Discounting Your Stuff

Audacious Tip: People love deals so give it to them in the form of bonuses and extras. Add value to your already existing services with cool stuff. The psychology is people value what they pay for and the more they pay for it the more they value it. (“It” is YOU.)

Do you share what you are excited about with people? Do you share what you are passionate about, what you care about, what you are striving to create for yourself and your life on a regular basis? Most of us, most of the time, not so much. I can be guilty of this, too.

Recently, I was at a High Performance event, sitting with a group of people, next to a highly successful doctor, not certain that he was connecting with what I was saying, when he announced, “I feel good when I am just sitting next to you”.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
―Maya Angelou

We all have an energy signature, what is yours? Do you make people feel seen and appreciated? Are you warm, trusting or calm? The #1 persuasion factor is ENTHUSIASM. Are you generating it? If you don’t generate what you want life just does stuff to you. You are in a constant reaction to situations, people, places and things. If you want people to be present, generate presence. If you want joy, generate joy. It sounds so simple. It’s common knowledge but it’s not common practice.

3. Stop Hiding Your Stuff

Audacious Tip: Bring it. Share it. Be passionate about it. (It is all of You).

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  • Whitney says:

    Love this! It’s hard to know how to “sell” without being pushy, and these are some great tips to share what you do…without being a jerk about it. Thanks Ann!

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