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3 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media

3 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media
  1. Choose one area of expertise that you can dominate…No more than three. You have to set yourself apart from all the others. By others I mean everybody doing the same service that you are; Chiropractor, Healer, Therapist, Health Coach, Life Coach, Fitness Trainer, Marketer, Beauty Expert or Tattoo Parlor. You have to get specific. With a more specific group you are working with, niche focus, you will have more opportunities to shine.

Specificity gives you Stand Out Shine-ability

Audacious Tip: Ask yourself this simple question: Who do I want to be a Hero to?

Social Media is the platform to perform. If content is the fuel for your personal brand then social media is the engine.

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself to uncover your “Unique Genius”

  • What is the One Thing that everyone says you’re a Total Rock Star at doing?
  • What are you super passionate about?
  • What do you read about most online or offline?
  • Is this something you can sink your total self into for at least a year, two years, five years?

So many of us (especially my tribe of conscious creatives) have a lot of passions and interests. Here are some of mine: phycology, magazines, creativity, writing, art and ideas (especially quirky ideas), self-expression, empowerment, human rights, woman’s rights. These questions can help you to see what your natural tendency and niche focus could be.

It’s always a good idea to research the interest level for your chosen area on the internet and see what conversations and topics are happening around your chosen area and identifying which people are currently sharing about your interest.

Audacious Tip: See what everybody is interested in and talking about.

  • In RiteTag’s hashtag search (ritetag.com), you can type your keyword into their search and see how the hashtag ranks on social media.
  • BuzzSumo (buzzsumo.com) You enter your keyword and see the most popular articles, videos and stories in your niche.
  1. Keep the same name, profile, photo, imagery and look across all your social profiles. You want to keep a consistent brand here. People search for you in different social media when they are looking to find out more about you. The consistency help people to know like and trust you and that’s what it’s all about. And more importantly of all with the consistency you will cement an impression in their mind and that will make you more memorable.
  • Reserve your name on all social channels
  • Use consistent name on all channels
  • Use the same profile photo across all channels
  • Come up with a HeadWhippin’ Hook or catchy tagline, headline, or bio and keep it consistent
  1. Post every day to your most valued social profiles. It has been proven that those who post more build their brand faster. If you can’t do every day, just choose to be consistent. Find out what amount of posts works for you. Here’s a starting point, but be warned social media mavens, don’t get sucked down the virtual rabbit hole (see Audacious Tip for help).
  • Facebook—2 time per day
  • Twitter— 5 times per day
  • LinkedIn—1 time per day
  • Google +—2 times per day
  • Pinterest—5 times per day
  • Instagram—1.5 times per day

Audacious Tip: This can sound totally impossible for most of us. So try using social Buffer’s social media management tools (bufferapp.com). You can fill up a queue with posts and send them according to a schedule.

Special Bonus Step: Join a chat, group or community to reach out to others. Share consistently and help others this will naturally draw them to know more about you and your brand. Be proactive, engage and get involved with your community.

There are more things you can do to get visibility and build your brand but these are the basics to get you started and out there Tweeting, Pinning and Posting.

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