3 Steps to Brand Your Authentic Voice

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3 Steps to Brand Your Authentic Voice

Things are heating up! (Yes, in this crazy California weather too. It’s freak’n 90 degrees at 8:00 pm while I am writing this.) We are all becoming uncomfortably aware that it is a must to Stand Out and Get Noticed. (You can no longer just sing in the shower!) In a crowded marketplace, you can get any information you want from “The Google”. It’s no longer about the information, it’s about your Brand Voice. It’s about creative expression and sharing that expression. People want to align with you and what you stand for, that’s your brand. They want to buy from people they align with.

How the freak do you do that? What are the first things you need to do to brand yourself and know your authentic, true voice?

When I work with a clients on their messaging and their branding, we spend a ginormous amount of time diving deep into this and exploring their heart and their psyche. We look at what they stand for, their core value words, their passions, inspirations and why they do what they do. (read more, put in website link here)

How can you begin to uncover your true voice? Let me give you an idea about where to start.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • What makes me Unique? (education, life experience, quirkiness, style, faults)
  • What is my Point of View? (what pisses me off or breaks my heart)
  • How do I actually talk in real life? (your personal expressions, when you have no need to be smart or impress)

I love to use Madonna as an example of brilliant marketing and branding. After all, you don’t really know her personally (or you might, but I am assuming for most of you… not.) However, we all know MADONNA THE BRAND. She’s OUT-spoken and provocative. She’s a self proclaimed Freedom Fighter. She’s known as the “Reinvention Queen” because she’s been reinventing herself for 30 years. I could go on and on about Madonna but the point is what kind of brand are you creating?

It doesn’t matter if you are a Wallflower or a Rock Star, Super Geek or the Girl Next Door.

Your Voice Matters and You Matter

It matters because you are here at this time on the planet to do this thing that you are doing. What you bring to the world can only be brought by you and the people that need to hear it can only hear YOUR VOICE.

To get you started, download this free worksheet: How to Find Your Branding Voice.

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