3 Smart Ways to Brand for Different Learning Styles

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3 Smart Ways to Brand for Different Learning Styles

Lets face it, we all have different ways of learning, taking in and absorbing information. That’s why it is so important to brand your content to adapt to different ways that your audience learns.

I barely made it through high school with my (unknown) learning disabilities and entrepreneurial spirit. I was grateful to find an alternative college inside the university of California system that bent all their learning to the creative mind, artist, writers and mathematicians (My Tribe).

“Different Strokes for Different Folks”—Sly and the Family Stone

They had courses like Physics for Artists, and, no grades! (Imagine no grades!) The College of Creative Studies (UCSB) was the perfect school for creative minds and unruly behavior. Fertile ground for the budding entrepreneurial genius.

When you are building your brand and business acumen, you need to consider different offerings that will appeal to different learning styles.

Here are the 3 major learning styles and best branding styles that support them:

1. Visual (spatial):

You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. You like to sit in the front of the class to avoid distractions, learning by looking, seeing viewing and watching.

Best Branding: Live workshops, videos (YouTube), video blogs, live streaming events, speaking, webinars with simple diagrams, visuals and action sheets, DVDs, Facebook ads.

2. Verbal (linguistic):

You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.

Best Branding: E-zines, workbooks, eBooks/books, templates, handouts, journals, CDs, DVDs, teaching videos, teleseminars, recorded interviews,  and pod casts.

3. Physical (kinesthetic):

You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch (Doing). You tend to learn best hands on approach and actively exploring the physical world. You may have difficulty sitting still on your butt for long periods of time, and easily become distracted by your compulsion for activity and exploration.

Best Branding: Short video series, action sheets, eBooks or Books with exercises or downloads on the website (doing and experiencing information) templates, handouts, journals, CDs, DVDs, Facebook challenges, private membership sites, special goodie boxes in the mail

We retain approximately:

10 % of what we SEE
30 to 40% of what we SEE & HEAR
90 % of what we SEE + HEAR + DO


To prove this point ask yourself (or anyone else even your mother) these questions:

  1. At what age did you have your first romantic kiss?
  2. With whom? Do you remember their name?
  3. Do you remember what clothes you were wearing?

Ok, now ask yourself these questions:

  1. What did you study in Freshman year in High School?
  2. Do you remember any Algebra 2?
  3. Can you remember any of what you learned in Social Studies?

You get the point. The experience trumps the facts every time. The more you can build your brand and expand it into the different learning styles the more you will capture your audience. You will be Memorable, Fascinate and be Shareable to others. In other words, you will build Raving Fans, make more money and continually expand your business.

Take a look (I am obviously visual) at the types of branding styles you are using in your business currently. Are you using all three learning styles? Do you have ways for all three learning styles to access your information and get to know you better? If not, do it right away.

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