3-Simple Ways to be Memorable and leave your thumb print when Speaking

Just so you know, I consider public speaking anytime you are using your voice to communicate to another person, group of people or on the stage. From my point of view, we have been doing it all of our lives. Opening our mouths to enroll someone, saying things to influence people to take action or sharing our opinions with each other. Whether it’s getting a date, teaching something or telling stories from the stage we have been doing it.

So now you want to be more conscious about banging the lips? Ok let’s do this.
How do you deliver your memorable message to your audience?

#1. Keep it Simple.

Start with a strong opening or statement that engages them right off the bat. You can do this by asking a question and getting people evolved or you can start with why it is important to them and what they are about to learn.

People are judging you in the first 3 minutes you open your mouth weather one on one or in a group. When you are on the stage they will most likely be polite but… they are still judging quickly to see if they are even going to listen to you or start texting their friends. Say what you are going to say in the most direct way. Don’t over complicate it with to much data. We just don’t have the bandwidth to much information (TMI). Don’t get overly sophisticated with technology hoping that you will look smart because most of the time your audience will get overloaded and tune out.

Rebel Tip: The best talks have a strong, central point of view expressed boldly. People will agree or disagree and that’s sooo much better than leaving them confused or worst bored.

Your Job as a Speaker is to Surprise and Delight

#2. Have a POV (point of view).

Tell your audience something they don’t know, put your personal spin on it. Don’t just say the same old thing that people have heard ten thousand times. Or tell the same old worn out stories that aren’t your stories anyway (Like the one about the three brick layers building a wall, a perfect wall or a cathedral).
Don not have a power point and just read your slides. Really that’s BORING.

Everything you speak before a crowd or group your job is to surprise and delight. We want to be engaged…not watch TV. That’s why we go to live concerts and events…We actually want to hear what the person is going say… a personal story we haven’t heard, before or a vulnerable moment when we connect with them. It’s about igniting exciting conversations that go on with your audience long after you’ve done talking.

Rebel Tip: Share some of your own personal stories and defining moments that illustrate the point you are making.

Facts Tell and Stories Sell

#3 Let Your Passion Fly.

People love to see and feel your passion and how much you care. People are more interested in feeling your fire than all the facts and figures in the world. And having a few of them can also be a good idea but don’t be so controlled and logical to the point of being lifeless and flat. When you unleash your passion and your vulnerability in front of an audience they fall in love with you. When you excite people’s hearts and their minds it ignites their own purpose and possibilities.

Above all have FUN…because when you do the people listening to you will have fun too. And that will make you completely memorable.

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