3 Simple Mistakes You’re Making with Your Personal Brand

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3 Simple Mistakes You’re Making with Your Personal Brand

Let me just start by saying Personal Branding will not make you cash. What? That’s the truth.

There are 3 things you need to master.

Branding is how you distinguish yourself and STAND OUT in the overcrowded competitive market place. Marketing is getting the word out about what you do consistently over time to build relationships. Sales is where the cash is. Together they are the Triple Threat that creates a successful business. Plus Caring of course, impeccable value and customer service

If your branding is weak and your marketing messages unclear most likely you are struggling with sales. However if your personal branding is memorable and your marketing messaging supports your Brand ID, speaks to your clients and is congruent, consistent and captivating sales is simple.

So let’s explore what you might be overlooking or needs tweaking in your personal brand.

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Do you have a powerful POV (point of view)? A movement that you stand for? A cause greater than yourself? Something that would inspire others to follow you? Or are you just another insurance salesman, interior designer, chiropractor…you fill in the blank with a bland stare, yeah right, boring. In order to stand out you must spend some time digging deep and ask yourself these important questions:

#1 Point of View / POV

  • Who Are You?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What do you care about?
  • Why do we need to know that?
  • What will you change?

“Be Unapologetically YOU”

Secondly does your message inspire people? We want to be inspired and moved to action. Just look at the successful brands out there. Here are a few of my Fav Raves: Nike‑Just Do It, Vogue—The First Look. The Final Word or Apple—Think Different. They all stand for something and have a strong message.

#2 Inspiring Message

  • Do you speak clearly to your ideal clients?
  • What is their pain or struggle?
  • What are the results / benefits of your product of service
  • What makes your solution Unique?

Third is the brand look. Is your personal look as well as your brand look consistent with your message? Are you always dressed in your brand? You sheer second to fascinate and captivate someone before they lose interest (online or off). First impressions are everything and are formed in within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone. As well as 55% of a persons opinion is driven by physical appearance. Are you confident, optimistic, innovative, in charge or artistic? What is the experience ie. Emotion you want to cause or have your brand represent?

# 3 Brand Look

  • Does how I dress reflect my Brand Values?
  • Does my personal style (ie every thing I do) reflect my Brand?
  • Do my personal photographs support my Brand ID?
  • How does my work environment and home reflect my Personality Brand?

Don’t’ be a copycat. Yes, there are best practices, however if you follow the best practices and only the best practices you won’t be doing enough to distinguish yourself from all the others. Personality Branding is about Your Uniqueness and that is what makes you Stand Out, Get Noticed and Get Known. It’s how you put it all together in your Authentic Voice that makes it all so magical, amazing and valuable.

Click here to get your free action sheet on How to Discover Your Authentic Voice

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