3 Secrets to writing Brilliant Copy that Connects and Converts.

Be So Bold

Here are the 3 Secrets to writing Brilliant Copy that Connects and Converts.

  1. CLARITY – Keep it Simple Stupid, Clarity is Queen. Don’t use a lot of big words or more words than you need to. Keep it laser and to the point. Use small words that are instantly gotten. Like instead of using the word “attain” try “get”. And although I love to be clever, Dr Seuss rhyming and twists on common saying, if I have to figure it out or left scratching my head then don’t do it. Cleaver is great as long as it’s clear.
  1. PERSONALITY – It is the charisma factor, the fascination advantage and your secret sauce. If your copy was human it would turn heads like a charismatic person walking into a crowded party. Copy with no personality is easy to spot and ignore. It’s the copy you skip over, it’s dry and somewhat robotic.

Rebel Tip: Write your copy like you are talking to your BFF.

Some of us have been so brainwashed to fit in that we think that being professional is being formal. That if we are not formal/professional people are not going to take us seriously. So you feel you must be proper. Good grammar is good but not necessarily great. Oh course spelling is a must however your voice trumps all. To avoid being too serious, proper or sound like a robot use: you’ll instead of you will, it’s instead of it is, don’t instead of do not.

  1. RESONANCE—Use words that your ideal clients relate to. Words that strike a cord and make them say “OMG I gotta have that!” The two things you need to know if you want to connect with your peeps are exactly who you’re talking to and use the words they use to describe what they are looking for. Most people are looking to solve “basic problems” the problem is we think they should want to go deeper or to a higher plane of consciousness. And this is where you make your big mistake. So if you are a holistic nutrition practitioner having great skin seems like a nice side effect but what you are interested in is how holistic nutrition helps you to open up a spiritual dialog with nature and achieve oneness with food. But I am just interested in having Great Skin.

Rebel Tip: Know who you are talking to and write copy that answers what THEY want, not just what you think they should want or what you think is important.

So here’s what I know — we all have to write a lot of copy for our businesses and getting my butt in a chair to write is as easy as herding cats (yup it’s true).

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