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3 Keys That Make People Buy Your Stuff

3 Keys That Make People Buy Your Stuff

We’ve all been obsessed about wanting something. You don’t know why but you just gotta have it. In fact you wake up thinking about it and go to bed thinking about it.

It Makes YOU Cray-Cray

(For me, this usually is shoes.)

Why do I want to buy? I don’t actually need them, I just want them. I am thinking I will look soooo hot if only I have those shoes the next time I see Her (Him, or Them). Yes, I want them to drool and want me. Or, I think, “You can’t touch this. I am an unattainable rock star, you had your chance!”

Why am I sharing my inner thoughts with you? ‘Cuz guess what? That’s why we all buy. (Well, not you of course, you’re weird.)

The Truth is we are all run by our emotions and when they are strong enough we just can’t resist, we buy. But what is it that fuels that fire? Some of you are not going to like this. In fact, if you are a GOOD GIRL, you had better stop reading, right now.

So if you made it this far you’re most likely a Bad Girl, very curious, rebellious and definitely are not faint at heart. Ok, I’ll admit this is not new, however, you may want to look beyond our well manicured high minded, meditative organic yoga selves to dig deep into the human psyche see what is really driving us.

Here are the 3 biggest motivators that make people buy your stuff.

  1. Lust: As American as apple pie. Sex may not sell but it sure gets attention. And we all want to feel sexy and irresistible. (Well, not you of course, you’re weird.)
  2. Greed: Did you say SALE!? Who doesn’t love a bargain (cheap)? It’s never enough and the we are on the never ending quest for more.
  3. Sloth: We are Lazy. Make is easy, simple and fast… give me the formula. I don’t want to work hard for it. Give me the silver bullet, red pill, blue pill. We love short-cuts. Do any of you play the lotto?

This might land as sleazy marketing tactics however you are manipulated, titillated and sold to everyday by these top 3. (But wait there is more!)

If you are in business and just getting by or worst struggling to stay alive, I can guarantee you that your marketing is missing one or all of these Bad Boys.

As one of my mentors Larry Winget says:

“If Your Business Sucks, You Suck!”

Really this is a no fault zone and there is nothing wrong. If you want to stay broke, stay broke. But, if you don’t want to die with your gifts in, you and you know you are here, for a bigger purpose, you have to make MONEY and lots of it! The more you make the more resources you have to touch, move and inspire people.

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