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3 Domains to Rule Like a Queen in your Business

1. Master Your Money and Finances

If you were a Queen (and in truth every woman is) how would you rule your money? You need to know where it all is and what you are spending it on. If you tract your money it will tell you exactly what you really care about. Sometimes you can shock yourself when you see you spend more on lipstick and clothes than on food or exercise. Awareness is the first step to taking action. Once you can see that you are spending $1,500 a year on lattes you can choose (or not) to put that money in your Roth IRA. I don’t agree with Suzie Ormond about stopping Lattes and putting your money in saving, by the way. I am not talking about deprivation here. If it is going to ruin your day don’t do it…the rule of thumb is “What would a Queen Do, to rule her money?”

2. Master Your Mind — I am so passionate and emotional about everything….It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s really taken something for me to master my emotions. To stop “taking myself out of the game” by taking an emotional detour every time things have not gone my way or I have been disappointed in the results I have gotten in my business. Expecting things to happen quicker, faster, easier. How do you take yourself away from focus? I have learned to honor myself like a Queen by eating good foods for me (no glutten, dairy or coffee…yes I said coffee) sleeping enough hours (for me that is at least 8) working-out and playing too. All of that contributes to me being grounded and less erratic with my emotions. My mind still goes postal on me when things breakdown but I am able to talk compose quicker and talk some tough love to myself and keep my focus without detouring to BFE (Bum Fuck Egypt) and back.

3. Know Your Empire (have a map of Your Domain)– As entrepreneurs we are so sure what we are doing to succeed but so many of us (about 98% to be exact–so you are not alone)…don’t have a map for prosperity or a plan for success. The best thing you can do for yourself, right now is stop all activities and map out your yearly projected revenues and how you intend to get there. It’s a game that simply must be played. Without it you will certainly get lost, frustrated and eventually quit. I know most of you know what I am talking about. In order to make decisions and keep on course for your success you have to know where you are and where you are going and see the GAP. Then make the plan of action to achieve the results you want. You can’t hit the target if you can’t even see it.

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