3 Copywriting tips to make your content sizzle and shine

You know the funny thing is I never thought I was a writer…

Can’t spell, blessed with a super non-linear brain and ants in my pants syndrome.

Writing was something I always struggled with. (ugh)

What a big fat story.

Like so many limiting critical thoughts we tell ourselves a little lie and then we believe it.

And after we tell that story over and over it seems to be the truth.

I know it sounds crazy, right?

But do you ever do that?  It is possible to change all that?

So many times I find myself just having to get out of my own way, loose the resistance.

Go for it and don’t expect perfection

If it seems your writing is bland. And your sentences put you to sleep there is something you can do to spice it up.

Sound good?

Let’s explore 3 ways to make your content sizzle and shine.

1. Remove the obvious obstacles from your sentences.

Readers get frustrated with irrelevant paragraphs, long verbose sentences and meandering ideas. Keep it short sweet heart.

Your word choices are critical to keep your readers interest so choose strong verbs.

For example:

  • She walks slowly vs. She doddles; She strolls; She meanders
  • He said loudly vs. He shrieked; He barked; He screamed
  • He talked aimlessly vs. He yakked; He blabbered; He quacked
  • They worked really hard vs. They slaved; They labored; They sweated
  • They ate their food quickly vs. They wolfed their food down; They inhaled their food; They devoured their food

Rebel Tip: Try losing the adverbs and those words ending in ly. Concentrate and choose your words wisely (wink, wink)


2. Create a smooth reading experience.

Make sure your content flows from one sentence to the next. To do this try using words that guide your reader.

Transitional words or phrases are: and, but, so, because, for instance. Use them at the beginning of the sentence to link things together.

Short questions can help readers move from one section to the next. Keep in mind we are all in overload and mass distraction. Questions keep your reader engaged. If you are explaining a problem, telling a story and you want a smooth transition use an engaging question like: “Ok, ready to begin?” “Let’s get started?” Sound good? “Ready to get going?”

Create curiosity. Seeds of curiosity are phrases you can use at the end of a paragraph to keep your readers going. They are similar to short questions that keep engagement going. Things like “And now for the best part”, Let me explain why,” or “Even more importantly”


3. Paint a vivid picture in 3-D Technicolor.

Paint the picture in your readers mind. Take them on an emotional journey with you. Some words can give you goose bumps, make you shiver or creep you out. It’s been proven we actually process sensory words as if we can feel, taste, hear, see or smell them.

Sensory words light up your brain. So visualize your story as if you are there actually experiencing it. Swap out bland words like nice or good with sensory alternatives like tasty, tantalizing or juicy .

Rebel Tip: Avoid over used images and worn-out phrases. They are lackluster and have lost their impact. Phrases like “out of the box”; “raising the bar”; or knocking it out of the park”

Instead paint something fresh and vibrant in your own words. Be creative and think different that’s what will make your writing fun for you and memorable for your peeps.

In my up coming 90 program—Answer the Rebel Call Intensive  — You will pump up your fascination factor and unleash your hidden message so you can Stand Out, Get Noticed and Cash in on your expertise. If you want in reach out to me and we can see if the program is right for you.


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